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A new craft beer tour is coming to Leeds with some of the city’s best breweries

Sample some of the freshest pints in the city and get a peek into what goes on behind the scenes in a brewery.

Beer lovers are already pretty spoilt for choice in Leeds, thanks to the huge range of lovely pubs and bars in the city.

For those who want to delve a little deeper into the craft side of things, though, there’s now a tour that’ll show you the best of the best in the city.

The Leeds Craft Beer Tour is the brainchild of Mike Hampshire, who also runs the popular Leeds Beer Tours.

During the 3 hour and 30 minute tour, you’ll visit three of Leeds’ leading craft beer venues and sample some of the freshest beer the city has to offer.

The Turk’s Head is the sister pub to 300-year old Whitelock’s Ale House / Image: Leeds Beer TOurs

Your experienced tour guide will take you to modern craft ale brewery Nomadic Beers, quality craft beer pub The Turk’s Head, and North Brewing’s city tap which serves as the home of the brewery’s pioneering craft beer creations.

You’ll start at Nomadic, one of Leeds’ leading micro-breweries, specialising in craft beer inspired by traditional styles, taking the time to see the brew kit, learn about the brewing process and sample some of Nomadic’s brews right from the source.

From here, the tour moves to The Turk’s Head, the craft beer sister bar of 300 year old pub Whitelocks Ale House.

Nomadic beers are tipped as one of the best craft ale houses in the city / Image: Nomadic Beers

You’ll get to explore a little bit of medieval and Victorian Leeds whilst learning about the rich history of the two pubs and trying a variety of pioneering craft beer styles, before finishing up at one of Leeds’ most famous breweries.

At the City Tap, you’ll learn about North Brewing’s story and taste some of their fantastic ales – tipped to be the best in the city.

Speaking on the new tour, tour guide and company owner Mike Hampshire said: “I’m really looking forward to showing tour guests Leeds’ uniquely vibrant modern beer scene.

“It’s going to be a privilege to take guests to some of our great beer places, Nomadic Beers, Turk’s Head and North Brewing’s City Tap.”

Tickets cost £40 and include all your beer, a brewery tour and tutored tastings.

Dates for the new craft beer tour start in July, but can be booked now via the Leeds Beer Tours website.

Feature image – Leeds Beer Tours

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