Snow expected in Leeds in October according to Meteorological Expert

Temperatures are dropping to 8C over the weekend, but a new moon could bring snow to Leeds by the end of the month

Weather experts warn snow might be on its way by the end of October.

The wet and windy drizzle is back and here to stay, with snow only a few weeks away as temperatures plummet across the country.

The Met Office predict that we will see an obvious change in temperatures: with a drop to 13C during the day and up to 8C in Leeds city centre at night over the weekend.

If you need a sign to go out and invest in a sturdy umbrella, this is it.

The Met Office is currently describing the skies over the weekend as “an unsettled spell with heavy rain and near gales possible Saturday. Turning mostly showery from Sunday, sometimes heavy or thundery. Winds remain strong but easing Monday”.

Temperatures are “likely to be lower than average” heading into October with “some longer spells of rain and potential for strong winds at times”.

The snowy season started in December last year, with flurries of snow lasting until the beginning of February. According to This Morning’s Meteorological expert Dave King, this year’s snow could start as early as October.

Snowmen in Potternewton Park in January 2021, during the last snowy season. Image: Uni Leeds Students

This is due to an impending Snow Moon’s arrival on 29 October.

King told This Morning last week that “there’s a snow moon on the 29th of October, followed by two more snow moons in the first three weeks of November so it is gonna be bitterly cold and very frosty”.

He also hinted that this may increase gas and electricity bills. Given the current anxieties around gas prices, this may affect how some choose their providers over the coming weeks.  

The first sightings of snow have already been spotted in the Scottish highlands, with photographs circulating across the national media of road gritters and snowy mountains.

Snow has not been officially forecast by the Met Office since April, but only time will tell whether Dave King’s predictions on ITV are correct.

Either way, it’s about to get a whole lot colder.

Feature Image- Uni Leeds Students

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