Do Yorkshire puddings belong with your Christmas dinner? 12 million+ Brits think so


Our county’s finest creation is eaten on roasts, wraps and Christmas dinners it would seem.

More than 12 million Brits would argue that your Christmas dinner needs a side of Yorkshire puddings, a shocking survey has revealed.

The survey in question carried out by retailer Next – which polled a total of 2,000 Brits about their Christmas dining and tableware habits – has uncovered that millions of people stray off the beaten track when it comes to, what we can all agree is, one of the biggest and heartiest meals of the year. 

It turns out, Brits like a lot of unusual items on our Christmas dinner plate.

Some of the most obscure finds the survey is that two million people admitted to eating onion rings alongside their turkey and sprouts, and a further 5% (3.4 million) Brits like tucking into a bit of seafood on Christmas Day.

A surprising 4% (2.7 million) of people admitted that they like to add ketchup to their Christmas dinner plate – with mac and cheese, chips, and sweetcorn also making the top 10 list.

More than 12 million Brits think Yorkshire puddings belong with your Christmas dinner / Credit: Rumman Amin (via Unsplash)

If all of that wasn’t mad enough as it is, one of the most shocking stats from the survey is probably the fact that a whopping 1.4 million respondents even said that they wouldn’t consider it a Christmas dinner without the addition of baked beans. 

But when it comes to Christmas dinner, there’s probably one debate that’s bigger than them all, and is still yet to be decided – do Yorkshire puddings belong on your Christmas dinner plate or not?

Well, 12.7 million Brits believe that they do, and we reckon a good chunk of that number is us northerners.

The UK’s top 10 non-traditional Christmas food items

  1. Yorkshire Puddings (19% – 12.7 million)
  2. Bread sauce (5% – 3.4 million)
  3. Seafood (5% – 3.4 million)
  4. Ketchup (4% – 2.7 million)
  5. Mac and cheese (3% – 2 million)
  6. Onion rings (3% – 2 million)
  7. Chips (2% – 1.2 million)
  8. Bread (2% – 1.2 million)
  9. Sweetcorn (2% – 1.2 million)
  10. Beans (2% – 1.2 million)
A new survey has revealed has uncovered that millions of people stray off the beaten track for Christmas dinner / Credit: Lisa Baker (via Unsplash)

While previous research has shown that the most common items on a British Christmas dinner are roast potatoes and gravy, these latest stats reveal there are some people out there who just like to do things a little differently.

But no matter how you like to eat it, a delicious Christmas dinner is always going to be something to celebrate, right?

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Now it’ll soon be time to go and tuck into yours.

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