Coming soon: the new indie cheese store in Leeds with charcuterie loved by Matt Healy’s restaurant

The Cheesy Living Co. is quickly becoming Leeds go-to supplier for all things cheese and charcuterie.

After taking a passion project full-time during the second Covid lockdown, owners Jake and Soph haven’t looked back since the launch of The Cheesy Living Co. in 2020.

Supplying renowned chef Matt Healy’s Horsforth restaurant Forde with farmer’s cured meats and ingredients, but still managing to attend just about every small business and foodie market across the city, The Cheesy Living Co. is one of the most humbled new businesses around.

selection of cheese, meats, pickles and dips on a plate.
The selection spans far further than just cheese or typical charcuterie meats. / Image: The Cheesy Living Co.

Aware of the popularity of their products, but taking things slow and making conscious business decisions, co-owner Jake spent years in hospitality before taking the plunge to launch his own business- and the time spent learning the intricacies of the industry shows.

With the help Soph, the other half of the business, the pair is ensuring that The Cheesy Living Co. is slowly making its way around the Leeds foodie scene- despite not having a physical, permanent store (though that’s about to change soon).

SALT Craft + Cocktails has just launched a new bottomless brunch with unlimited cocktails and a cheese and charcuterie board in a collaborative project and the indie company is even supplying the latest hospitality nights, including ‘The Comeback’ Industry Boxing Night at the Corn Exchange found the charcuterie specialists serving their pork pies and small plate products to industry professionals battling it out for charity.

charcuterie board next to cocktails.
SALT Craft + Cocktails offers a bottomless brunch with a The Cheesy Living Co. charcuterie board. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

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The idea is that by the time their first store does open (which isn’t too far away), you’ll know exactly what The Cheesy Living Co. stands for; the quality of the products and the cheese company will find that sweet spot between slipping into the market and coming in with a bang.

Their clientele speaks volumes for the quality- and from next month you’ll no longer have to wait for the next farmer’s market or pop-up event to get your hands on The Cheesy Living Co. stock: you’ll be able to pick it up with your weekly shop or on your daily commute in Leeds city centre.

owner stood outside doors.
Owner Jake outside new The Cheesy Living Co. store in the Corn Exchange. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

The Corn Exchange is set to host the debut Cheesy Living Co. store and although there’s no confirmed opening date just yet, we’re expecting the store to open within the coming weeks.

Transforming a former hairdresser’s spot in the Corn Exchange is no easy challenge (especially when the walls come in a bright pink hue), and given that the owners Soph and Jake are trying to balance the renovations alongside supplying the city with their products, they’re careful to take their time with the project and ensure that they only open once they feel ready to do so.

The eat-in cheese and charcuterie store is hoping to open in the coming weeks. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

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At present, the company plans to offer a small seating area inside their store with a few seats spilling into the Corn Exchange’s wooden floor. Located just behind Bruschetta, there’s ample space for foodies to grab a bite or choose their desired meats, cheeses and other picky bits to take away.

To keep up to date with The Cheesy Living Co.’s progress and find out more about their opening, visit their Instagram page.

Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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