Leeds pub issues apology after ‘horrifying’ gig from controversial punk band

“There is not much else I can say apart from how really sorry we are.”

“It wasn’t until the gig was underway and people were ringing and telling us what they were about.”

Management at The Drysalters Pub on Elland Road, Beeston issued an apology after allowing a controversial band to perform on their premises.

The band that sparked outrage across Leeds and beyond was named as Combat BC, a band whose promotional material was thought to feature Nazi-inspired imagery.

The band’s song titles include the likes of ‘Anti-Antifa’, ‘Fightback’, ‘Do or Die’ and ‘New World Order’ and band member have been reported to speak out criticising left-wing, anti-Nazi group Antifa, “woke culture”, and other anti-right wing movements.

Before performing, outrage sparked online about the controversial band, which led to police involvement.

The pub is known to host a variety of music acts over the years. / Image: The Drysalters New

Following their performance, The Drysalters issued the following apology:

“I will start with a sincere apology to all. We didn’t start this with the intention of upsetting anyone. We had a call early in the year asking to book the pub, we were told they were skinheads. When they arrived yesterday we were still none the wiser. It wasn’t until the gig was underway and people were ringing and telling us what they were about.”

“We were naive about the bands I had never heard of them.. but I had never heard of the other bands we have had either. We as people are not racist in anyway. So I can say we are very sorry for the upset that it has caused . It will never happen again. There is not much else I can say apart from how really sorry we are.”

The apology has since received over 450 comments at the time of writing, many of which appear to be calling out the pub for being “none the wiser” despite what they believe were clear signs of that the band was a problematic choice.

E J Golden said: “Your staff could clearly do with training on hate crimes and racism in pub venues if they literally cannot see a problem with neo nazis dressed in the gear singing racist lyrics. How many racist incidents are they likely to handle well if they defend nazis on social media? I say that as someone [who] worked with pub security in Bradford during match season.”

Whilst another comment read: “I have seen photos from inside your pub yesterday – open nazi filth on display – but you were “non the wiser”, “didn’t know” etc etc!”

According to reports, a previous post from the pub suggested that those who were voicing their concerns about the pub were criticised for not supporting the pub, which has faced closure twice in as many years.

The pub advertises itself as a “football friendly family run pub”. / Image: The Drysalters

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The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that the original post stated: “For everyone who is complaining about what music is taking place tonight, the police have been and nothing untoward has been mentioned. So as for Save the Salters, those who are moaning, where have you been?”

However, it is believed this has been updated or removed as it is no longer shown on the pub’s Facebook page, where the apology was issued.

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