Get paid £200 to be a mulled wine taste taster this festive season

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Mulled wine season is officially upon us, and you could get paid to drink it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Just when we thought that the perfect job doesn’t exist, this new job opening has proved us very wrong indeed.

VegasSlotsOnline is on the hunt for someone who loves all things Christmas and is ready to get into the festive spirit with the season’s favourite beverage mulled wine.

There’s just something about that drink which really warms the cockles and gets us eager to put the Christmas tunes on repeats, don’t you think?

A woman holding a mug of mulled wine.
Image: Unsplash

The ‘Mulled Wine Taste Tester’ will need to try mulled wine from ten of the UK’s most popular supermarkets and rate them using several different metrics such as aroma, appearance, flavour, price, and overall quality.

Sounds pretty fun if you ask us.

The lucky winner will receive a hamper full of the wine which will be delivered straight to their door and not only that, but they’ll be given £200 in cash for all their hard (ish) work.

All you need to do is drink the tipples and give honest feedback, including whether you’d recommend each wine to a friend, and if you’re likely to buy any of the particular brands again, to ultimately reveal the best mulled-wine this Christmas. 

And it won’t take up too much time either, the role requires just 4 hours over a 5-day window. So that’s £50 an hour plus loads of wine for you to keep, what a winner.

Reckon you’re up for the challenge? Entries close on the 16th of December, and T&Cs apply. You can view the full job application here.

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