McVitie’s release new cola-flavoured Jaffa Cakes and fans are divided

Which side of the Jaffa coin are you landing on?
Cola flavoured Jaffa cakes

Legendary biscuit makers, McVitie’s, have launched the first non-fruity flavour of Jaffa Cakes in the story which answers the question, what do you get when you cross an old school cola bottle sweet with the classic jaffa?

That’s not the start of a joke, by the way… you literally just get cola bottle-flavoured Jaffa Cakes, and as bizarre (brilliant) as that creation may sound to you, McVitie’s has actually made it a reality, with the new hybrid sweet treat now available on supermarket shelves across the UK.

We’ve had cherry-flavoured jaffa cakes, lemon and lime-flavoured ones; raspberry, blackcurrant, and even passionfruit-flavoured, as well as a number of different chocolate variations including the limited-edition White Chocolate Jaffa Cakes.

There was even a jaffa cake-doughnut crossover amusingly named, ‘Jonuts’, but now the popular snack brand has decided to venture away from what they know and landed on cola-flavoured Jaffa Cakes.

Safe to say this one has split opinion…

As reported by The Manc, Cola Bottle Jaffa Cakes are now available in both biscuit (or cake) and cake bar format, and they’ve already been spotted on the shelves at Asda.

McVitie’s parent company, Pladis, said it decided on the new flavour as its next creation because there’s a “huge appetite” among the next generation of snacking shoppers for “something genuinely new and different”. Cola flavour has been around for yonks but never mind, we’ll let them off.

Adam Woolf, Marketing Director for McVitie’s at Pladis UK&I, added: “As the original cake in the biscuit aisle, we know a thing or two about doing something different, so as well as catering to shopper demand, our latest launch is the perfect embodiment of the playful and out-of-the-ordinary essence that’s Jaffa Cakes’ heartland.”

The new snack food creation has hit supermarket shelves across the UK (Credit: McVitie’s & Pladis UK & IRE)

He said the new special creation is inspired by the “enduring popularity” of both jaffa cakes and cola bottle sweets and has been made for those who’ve “got the bottle to branch out” and give “bold new flavour combinations a try”.

Not being funny but cola bottles are just as much a classic as Jaffa Cakes in our books, but we’re still intending to buy up every box we see – though not everyone is in agreement.

The OG jaffa cakes are said to be a store-cupboard essential for more than seven million households nationwide, but if the immediate fan reactions are anything to go by, it’s not looking like the new Cola Bottle Jaffa Cakes will be quite the same.

Posts on social media by several new snack food sharing and reviewing accounts – including a popular one by @another_snack_reviewer – have proved that fans are divided.

Some of the comments read: “I’ve been calling out for this flavour for years” and “Bit weird, but I feel like they need to be tried”, right through to the total opposite of: “No, no, no. Just no. My beautiful Jaffa cakes cannot be ruined with this atrocity.’

Even a quick ask around The Manc Group offices produced a mixed response – with comments ranging from: “I’m on board”, to “That sounds vile” and “Mixing cola and sponge just doesn’t sit right with me.”

So, what’s your take then?

Also, please can we bring back to ‘Jaffanut‘? They were next level.

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the new Cola Bottle Jaffa Cakes, you’ll want to get yourself down to your nearest Asda and find out.

Featured Images — Flickr/McVities

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