One of the UK’s best cocktail bars is serving up deep-fried olives and vegan Bahn Mi sandwiches in Leeds

Three sandwiches and four small plates: that’s all they need to keep you coming back.

One of the UK’s best cocktail bars is hosting a sandwich kitchen with a unique menu of simple, but wholesome dishes that have been completely reinvented.

Beloved Roland’s was recently placed in the prestigious list of ‘Top 50 cocktail bars in the UK’, but the bar has long been a favourite for Leeds locals.

The cocktail bar effortlessly fuses laid-back drinking with quality ingredients, killer cocktails and an incredible sun-trapped beer garden on the rooftop: there really isn’t anything else quite like it in Leeds.

Whilst many frequent here for the inside-knowledge on Margaritas, or want to sample the award-winning drinks menu, the kitchen here is quickly becoming a stand-alone reason to head over to the Call Lane watering hole.

Roland’s is one of the UK’s top 50 cocktail bars. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

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Taking over the kitchen here is Don’t Feed The Dog: a kitchen leading the ‘sandwich revolution’ with a small, but carefully considered menu of hoagies, subs and rolls.

Three sandwiches and four small plates: that’s all they need to keep you coming back.

The sarnies here couldn’t be further from your boring ham and margarine combos: served with seemingly endless toppings, the flavours are unique blends you’re unlikely to have heard of before.

sandwich with Korean Style fried oyster mushrooms and chilli.
Mushroom Bahn Mi Sandwich. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

Take the Mushroom Bahn Mi for instance, the vegan delight is made up of crispy fried oyster mushrooms with peanut butter, pickled daikon, carrots, fresh mint, fresh coriander, fresh chilli, peanuts and Sriracha mayo- delish.

The meaty alternatives are just as flavoursome: the Buffalo Chicken Sub comes with Panko crumb chicken breast, Franks hot sauce, blue cheese sauce, shredded lettuce and pickled: a simple but delectable fusion of classic sandwich toppings.

The Bunga Bunga is the only remaining sarnie and comes with a serious dedication to the Italian foodie scene. Think Italian cured meats, mozzarella cheese, Guardinera, shredded romain lettuce, cheese crack, drizzled with mayo.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Whilst Don’t Feed The Dog is known for its standout sandwich selections, the side dishes deserve their own bragging rights.

There’s even more Korean-style fried oyster mushrooms served without the slices of bread, with a dipping vegan hot sauce, as well as 15 hour cooked chips: which come as wafer thin layers of potato pressed with butter then cut into fat chips.

Served with a sage and parsley salsa verde, these carbs sit perfectly alongside the wackier options like deep-fried olives stuffed with oregano cream cheese.

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Korean Style fried oyster mushrooms with a chilli on top.
Korean-style fried oyster mushrooms / Image: The Hoot Leeds

If that’s not enough: there’s breaded black pudding served with mustard mayo. Named black pudding bonbons, these tiny balls of meat are unlikely to be found on any other menu around Leeds- but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be.

Served Wednesday – Sunday, serious sandwich conesseuirs and casual foodies alike will be obsessed with this one.

To get your hands on a hoagie, sub, roll or test out the sides, Don’t Feed The Dog can be found inside Roland’s five days a week until their stock runs out. Alternatively, you can preorder your sarnies to guarantee yourself a sarnie on the Don’t Feed The Dog website.

Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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