Morley to undergo huge transformation as part of new government plan

The new proposal aims to make Morley a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Morley’s most busy streets could be getting a face-lift as part of a new plan put forward by Leeds City Council.

The new proposal aims to make Morley a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

The ‘Albion Street and Commercial Street Highways Scheme’ has been launched by Leeds City Council, with construction expected to begin in January 2024.

The overall aim is to create a nicer environment for walkers and pedestrians.

Cycle lanes and secure biking facilities will also be implemented, encouraging locals to choose cycling as their new mode of transportation.

Smart traffic management systems, such as intelligent traffic lights and real-time monitoring, will also be put into place.

The aim is to minimise traffic, reduce congestion and improve the overall efficiency on Morley’s roads.

The improved accessibility and aesthetics of the town are expected to attract more shoppers and visitors, providing a needed boost to the local economy.

Specific changes to Albion Street:

  • Removing an unused lane of the road (but keeping it open for cars and buses).
  • Widening footways into the unused space.
  • New high quality materials to match the good quality buildings and other streets.
  • Retaining the existing disabled parking spaces.
A map of Albion Street in Leeds.
Image: Leeds City Council

Specific changes to Commercial Street:

  • Making the road one way to allow the footway to be widened.
  • Wider footways with high quality materials.
  • Tree planting.
  • Retaining on-street parking.
  • Raised crossings at key locations.
A map of Commercial Street in Leeds.
Image: Leeds City Council

Core Objectives:

  • To widen the footways and upgrade with high quality materials similar to those on Queen Street. 
  • Provide an improved pedestrian environment and reduce the impact of vehicular traffic.
  • To increase the size and space of the town centre and ensure the long term success of the businesses and other community assets like Morley Library. 
  • To provide a more attractive setting and improved streetscape. 
  • To bring more greenery and biodiversity into the heart of Morley town centre 

If you’re a resident of Morley then you can have your say on the plans here until the end of July.

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Featured image – Leeds City Council

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