The best alternatives to a Christmas pudding from Leeds independent bakeries

It just so happens that Leeds independent bakeries have some of the best tasty alternatives to your usual boring Christmas figgy pudding.

Because there’s only so much Christmas pudding we can take.

We all love a good Christmas pudding, especially when it’s served with cheese (according to our recent Facebook post). But eating the same old fashion dessert every single year does take the excitement out of the post-Christmas-dinner course.

Instead, we’re all about trying out different alternatives and Leeds really has put on a feast for us this year. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas desserts around the city, so get ready to have your stomach rumbling and you mouth watering as we take you through our top picks.

Sicilian Pistachio Cream Cake, Poco Sicilian

Sicilian Sponge Cake. / Image: Poco Sicilian

It’s not difficult to see why these alternatives to a traditional figgy pudding are going to be a popular choice at any dinner table. This White Italian sponge with Sicilian Pistachio cream and white chocolate is decorated with mini cannoli, profiteroles filled with cream and fresh berries, as well as some cute little festive creatures on top too. Add some Baileys and make this the boozy dessert of Christmas present by ordering from Poco until the end of the month.

Giant Chocolate Puddings, 42nd East Bakehouse

Giant Christmas Puddings. / Image: 42nd East Bakehouse

From the outside, the unassuming, chocolate-covered pudding looks delicious, but it’s the gooey inside that’s the real show stopper. The giant cookie dough balls are available in a range of shapes, each with slightly different flavours. Choose from the traditional Chocolate Pudding or opt for a Reindeer, S’mores Snowball or a Christmas Bauble shaped dessert. Make sure you place your order before the 21st to get yours in time for the big day.

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Supersized Ferrero Rochers, Bad Brownie Co

The Ambassador’s Golden Balls. / Image: Bad Brownie Co.

Technically speaking, Bad Brownie have called this the ‘The Ambassador’s Golden Balls’, but we all know where the inspiration has come from for this supersize chocolate. Imagine layers of Nutella and hazelnut praline, fudgy chocolate brownie, crispy wafer pieces and plenty of chopped hazelnuts, all sprayed in an edible golden shine to ensure that you don’t complicate them with any other festive chocolates. Order these online for a supersize Christmas pudding nobody around the dinner table will want to forget any time soon.

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake, Dizlicious

White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake . / Image: Dizlicious

Supporting small businesses is a Christmas gift that we can all give whilst completing our Christmas shopping. Although many independent stores can’t offer you same-day delivery like Amazon, you’ll make a huge difference to their livelihood and can usually work to specific briefs with all sorts of deadlines. Take this delicious cheesecake from Dizlicious. A white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake, was requested and this incredible masterpiece was the result.

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Chocolate Marshmallow and Stout Cake, Wapentake

Vegan Chocolate Marshmallow and Stout Cake. / Image: Wapentake Leeds

If you buy enough slices from Wapentake’s cake bar, you’ll end up with enough to remake an entire cake and feed your loved ones some of the finest festive flavours around. This chocolate marshmallow and stout cake is just one example of the delicious options available. Plus, you can pair your selection with appropriate beers and get those last minute foodie gifts sorted too.

Feature Image- Dizlicious

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