The best places to get a non-alcoholic beer in Leeds during Dry January

Non-alcoholic beer is available on draft and by the bottle in plenty of spots around Leeds.

All year round options for those that don’t want a boozy beer.

This might be the busiest Dry January on record, given those participating in a month of no alcohol has jumped from 3.9 million in 2020 to over 6.5 in 2022. In fact, record numbers of people are choosing to go without booze all year round.

The trend of non-alcoholic drinks is so popular that the first alcohol-free off license has opened (and is thriving) in London. But as we’re nowhere near the capital and the pubs need us to drink them dry to make up for the pandemic-anxiety-related flop that was December, it’s time to get to the pub and grab a pint of something non-alcoholic.

Naturally, beer is a great crowd pleaser and a good non-alcoholic lager will taste almost as good as its predecessor, so it’s become our go-to this Dry Jan. Here’s our favourite places to grab a pint without getting tipsy in Leeds…

Draught Pint- Punk AF from Brewdog

Image: Brewdog Headingley

Throughout the month of January, you can get free refills of all your favourite pints for the price of one and what’s not to love about that? Bestsellers like the original Punk IPA are available in the offer, just transformed to remove the alcoholic part- forming Punk AF, soon to be your new favourite Dry Jan alternative. You can also get cans of alcohol-free Lost, Punk, Hazy and Nanny State beers to take away with you after last orders is called.

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Draught Pint- 0% Mango and Guava IPA from North Brew Co.

Image: North Brew Tap Leeds

Fruity, refreshing and tastes exactly like any other IPA, just without the boozy bit. North Brew Co have an ever-changing supply of fresh beers, lagers, pale ales and every other variety imaginable, so if you’re looking for a safe bet of getting a non-alcoholic pint on draft, we’d recommend putting your money on this place. Plus, they have Little Bao Boys supplying the food, so there’s a winning combination waiting for you at North Brew Co.

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Lazer Crush from Hoist House

Image: Hoist House

If you’re a fan of Beavertown’s boozy beers like Neck Oil and Gamma Ray, you’re sure to cling onto the Lazer Crush Alcohol Free IPA this January at Hoist House. The bar describe it as “a heavyweight flavoured IPA with a featherweight ABV- it’s well worth a try” but if you prefere Peroni 0.0%, Leffe, AF Heineken or Adnam’s Ghost Ship, there’s plenty of other options available for you too.

Draught Pint- Brooklyn Special Effects from Kirkstall Bridge

Image: Kirkstall Bridge

In addition to Veltins non-alcoholic beer and Erdinger Alkoholfrei, which is technically a ‘refreshing isotonic drink with less than 0.5% alcohol’, it looks like Kirkstall Bridge is gearing up to serve Brooklyn Special Effects, a hoppy lager with just 0.4% ABV on draft soon. If you need a snack whilst your there,  pair your beer with their winning January food offers- a pizza and a side for a tenner, and you’ll be beating the new year blues in no time.

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OPA from Lamb & Flag

Image: Lamb and Flag

Leeds Brewery are particularly proud of this bottle of non alcoholic pale ale, describing the product as “specially crafted to create a well-rounded, full flavoured, traditionally styled beer.” Available at the Lamb and Flag, as well as The White Swan, Duke of York and Crowd of Flavours- or any other pubs owner by Leeds Brewery.

Feature Image- North Brew Co. Leeds

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