Brewdog is offering unlimited non-alcoholic pints throughout Dry January

All you can drink for the price of a pint.

This is your call to get back to the pub.

If you’re familiar with low or non-alcoholic lager, you’ll know that Brewdog is one of the best places around to grab a pint. With a selection of low or 0% ABV on offer that beats any other pub or bar by a mile,

It’s one of the very few places you can feel included in the beer scene, despite not getting drunk- and that’s really hard to find if you don’t drink.

Image: Brewdog North Street

But if you’re new a lack of alcoholic booze and seriously wanting a pint, it’s a place where you can seek solitude and enjoy a draft pint to make Dry Jan a little easier. You might not be getting drunk, but you can support hospitality through one of the most difficult months of the year and save yourself a few pennies in the process.

Given it’s Dry January and our pockets are wrung dry, feeling the full force of the festive aftermath, Brewdog’s venues in Headingley and North Street are offering unlimited non-alcoholic pints to make their non-alcoholic options even more affordable.

Image: Brewdog Headingley

Essentially, you can get free refills of all your favourite pints for the price of one- what’s not to love about that? Bestsellers like the original Punk IPA are available in the offer, just transformed to remove the alcoholic part- forming Punk AF, soon to be your new favourite Dry Jan alternative.

Yesterday, Brewdog Headingley shared this statement on their Instagram page:

“For those that are doing dry January we have Lost AF back in for your beer needs & for those that aren’t we have a crew favourite Triple Hazy. Sample the bigger badder sibling to Hazy Jane. In cans to take out or on tap. Oh and did we mention that AF draft beer is on free refills this month?”

You can also get cans of alcohol-free Lost, Punk, Hazy and Nanny State beers to take away with you after last orders is called.

Image: Brewdog North Street

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For more information, you can head into either Brewdog North Street in Leeds city centre or their Headingley bar on Otley Road.

Feature Image- Brewdog Headingley

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