The Leeds bar serving charcuterie boards and crumpets until 4am

Forget that greasy kebab, The Watermark serve charcuterie boards, houmous and crumpets until closing every night of the week.

The only way to end your night out is with some comfort food, so why not grab it whilst you’re still at the bar?

If you’re anything like much of the Leeds population, a stop at the kebab shop or the nearest takeaway is the only way to end a night out.

The greasy food is never our choice of late night dish, but it’s the only food available at 4am, so we always settle for some half-baked dish that definitely could give us food poisoning. But its 4am and we’re hungry, so we don’t care.

Finally, a bar heard our prayers for decent late night food.

The Watermark Bar serve all their food until closing. / Image: The Watermark

The Watermark serve their dishes until closing, making them the only place you’ll find us past 3am from now on.

The Watermark Bar are firm believers that you deserve to eat when you’re hungry, no matter what time it is.

Pulling the best from their seasonal menu, the popular Leeds bar offer meat and cheese boards, as well as houmous and crumpets until 4am.

The Charcuterie boards are available as just meat or cheese, or a mixture of the two to suit every late night craving.

Served with warm bread, pickleys, nuts, fruit and chutneys, this is the sophisticated solution to a kebab we didn’t know we needed but refuse to forget.

At £15 per board, end the night by sharing your treats with your nearest and dearest whilst keeping the party alive with cocktails and some of the most eclectic tunes in Leeds.

The bar are known for serving an ever-changing menu, but they always delight guests with their choices. / Image: The Watermark

If you get those savoury cravings at midnight, the Hummus and Pita dish is served with pickles, and will more than satisfy every late night craving.

The crumpets, however, bring The Watermark into a league of their own when it comes to late night snacks.

Choose from cold cuts or chutney fillings, including combinations like chorizo and salami; caramelised onion, habanero and tomato chutney or whiskey butter, melted cheese, marmite and pickles.

The crumpets can be served with your choice of filling. / Image: The Watermark

The Watermark is locally known for its outlandish nights out, including their blanket fort birthday party- which is rumoured to return for Christmas.

The bar is open Wednesday – Sunday, with its closing times ranging from 2am on Wednesdays and Sunday to 4am on a Friday and Saturday.

No matter what time you visit The Watermark, as long as they’re open, you can get your food fix.

Feature Image- The Watermark

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