This Leeds non-profit sells family-friendly weekly food shop boxes for just £13

This Leeds organisation is helping the local community by feeding families for as little as £13.

Non-profit organisation ‘Rethink Food’ is working to remove hunger as a barrier to learning.

Based in Pudsey, the team at Rethink Food are determined to achieve food security across the UK and are helping their local community by selling family-friendly food boxes for a small price.

With the cost of living reaching crisis point: this is such an important cause to get involved with.

Founded in 2015, former headteacher and primary school teacher set out to tackle the problem of children arriving to one of their schools hungry each day. They held an awareness event and provided 10,000 children with a breakfast made out of food which otherwise would have gone to waste.

Box of vegetables.
Image: Rethink Food

From then on they have been determined to educate people about food and vowed to remove hunger as a barrier to learning. They now deliver this programme to over one hundred schools; increasing awareness, understanding and positive actions linked to food through an approach that references the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Just one of the ways in which they strive to reach this goal is through their food revival scheme. Comprised of the food they save from going to waste, volunteers curate boxes of food which are enough to feed a family of four for a week. The boxes are available for collection at the Market Hall in Pudsey and can be pre-ordered here.

Dietary requirements are taken into consideration and even if you have a big family, some of the Food Revival subscribers take home two or three boxes a week. There is a small charge, however for the volume of food you’ll receive it is no where near the price you’d pay at a standard UK supermarket.

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Crates of food.
Image: Rethink Food

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A recent subscriber posted a photo of her haul on social media with a list of what she received. “This was our weekly food shop. Just under £13 from Rethink in Pudsey. You get a balanced box for 4 people and can take some extra stuff if there is some. There’s also 6 tomatoes, 6 kiwis, coconut macaroons, carrots, a cabbage and a single portion vegan lasagne under the other stuff. And 2kg Maris Piper potatoes out of shot.”

“You have to be able to collect during the day Mon-Sat. Highly recommended. There were also loads of Gregg’s sausage rolls, doughnuts and Belgian buns. You can pay an extra £5 for a bag from the freezer containing way more than £5-worth of meat, fish, pizza, vegetarian food or ready meals, if they’ve got them.”

This innovative idea has been going since 2017 and has been helping families across Leeds and beyond. It is only one of the amazing schemes that Rethink Food are doing to help preserve our planet and improve our health and wellbeing.

To find out more about how you can feed your family for £13 or get involved with the non-profit, visit the Rethink Website.

Feature Image- Rethink Food

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