This Yorkshire bakery is selling “Kolin” the caterpillar donut cakes

The ultimate British favourite.

Colin has got some serious competition.

If there’s a supermarket character that’s been making headlines- it’s Colin.

The caterpillar cake has long been a British tradition, and whilst we all know how the M&S vs Aldi #FreeCuthbert played out- it’s fair to say that any form of chocolate-covered animal is welcome at the dinner table for birthdays and barbecues alike.

Now, joining the party of Colin lookalikes, Yorkshire’s own Doe Bakehouse has created a unique concept that reminds us just a little of the namesake.

Kolin the Caterpillar is a donut caterpillar devised by the locally-renowned bakery- and we’re truly obsessed with the concept.

Costing £30 each, Doe assembled each donut cake with 5 filled ball donuts.

One of the many advantages of ordering from a Yorkshire independent is the breadth of choice you’ll have, no Kolin is the same here and you can tailor your caterpillar to your taste.

caterpillar held outside store.
Kolin is available to pre-order online. / Image: Doe Bakehouse

Choose from fillings of jam, cream, Biscoff, Oreo or chocolate cream in any combination before adding a chocolate coating and drizzle, again you can choose from three different types of chocolate for this (white, milk or dark chocolate).

The popular bakehouse also shared a video of mini Kolin eclair cakes on their Instagram page, which will be available to purchase in store.

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It’s not the first time that we’ve been drooling over Doe Bakehouse’s creations inspired by the popular supermarket.

The Percy P*g, as it’s known on the company’s social media page (we love some forward thinking ways to avoid copyright problems) is a pink donut with our favourite sweet pig stuck on the top.

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Image: Doe Bakehouse

But that’s not all the rainbow bakery has to offer. Inside each store is an Instagrammable hideaway with every every possible neon colour imaginable plastered on the walls.

You can also get coffees in every possible colour too, and bagels and more.

The Doe Bakehouse reckon they’re one of the more colourful bakeries in Yorkshire- and they’re definitely right about that.

On their website, Doe state that they “have three bright and colourful shops in Yorkshire. One is hidden in the back streets of Harrogate and the two are in the city of York. Come and visit, absorb the surroundings: The rainbow walls, the glitter tassels, the multi-coloured chairs and the eye-catching murals. Escape from reality, oh and enjoy a doe-nut whilst you’re there.” 

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, the Yorkshire bakery was responsible for the rude-looking donuts shown on Channel 4 star Steph McGovern’s shared on social media as the post-show snack after filming at Leeds Dock.

Image: Doe Bakehouse

Writing “Interesting choice of post show treats in the @PackedLunchC4 green room today…….”, the Channel 4 TV presenter shared a photo of a box of Doe Bakehouse’s now infamous ‘vulva nuts’ with her 420,000 Twitter followers, attracting national attention- and a lot of comments.

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To get yourself any of Doe Bakehouse’s donuts, you can pre-order online, or you can find usually its Harrogate store on Bower Street (no. 4) and on Church Street in York city centre. If you’re in Layerthorpe, you can also grab a donut from Unit 1, 43 Layerthorpe- you’ll spot the exterior a mile off.

Feature Image- Doe Bakehouse

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