10 million people vote for Elon Musk to step down from Twitter… in his own poll

Elon Musk

Around 10 million people have voted that Elon Musk should step down as the head of Twitter after the billionaire put out an opinion poll.

There’s been a landslide of votes against the businessman and entrepreneur as his own poll backfired spectacularly.

Elon has promised to ‘abide by the results’ of the poll – which a whopping 17.5m people voted in, The Manc reports.

57.5% of Twitter users who voted said that Elon Musk should step down, which works out at roughly 10 million people.

Musk bought Twitter back in October after an on-again-off-again deal was agreed.

One of his first moves after completing his $44 billion takeover of the social media giant, was to sack the entire Twitter board and make himself sole director.

His reign of Twitter has been controversial, with more than 30 million users expected to leave the platform over the next two years since his takeover.

Elon has yet to address the results of the poll – but he did tweet while it was still live: “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish, as you might get it.”

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Plenty of people have seen the funny side of the Twitter poll, naturally.

One person wrote, with a string of laughing emojis: “This guy just spent three times what Twitter was worth, only for its user to tell him to f*ck off.”

Another said: “Imagine spending billions on a company so nearly 10 million people can tell you to quit.”

RyanAir shared a meme that featured Liz Truss, Elon Musk and the lettuce that last longer than Truss’s stint as Prime Minister.

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