Europe’s biggest fun fair returns to Hull in October

Hull Fair was dearly missed in 2020, but the historic funfair is back in Yorkshire in October.

Ready for the return of Europe’s biggest fun fair? Hull Fair is back for 2021 and this year might just be the best in its 700-year history.  

The funfair is the only place where you can eat endless donuts, watered down by liquid sugar, and then a snack of candyfloss and burgers as you get lost in a maze of neon lights and hook-a-ducks.

Regardless of how many sweet snacks you grab or the number of rides you brave it on, the Hull Fair is ready to warmly welcome each visitor after its absence in 2020.

Hull fair rides at night
Image: Hull Fair

This year, fun fair will be open to the public from Friday 8 October until Saturday 16 October. On its debut, rides will open from 5 pm, but every other day the fair plans to welcome visitors from midday until 10 pm.

According to Hull City Council, the fair will be open with the exception of Sunday 10 October when the fair will be closed.

On the Yorkshire fair’s Facebook page, spokesperson Aaron Gray has told the public that “This year there are no wristbands, it’s free entry then pay per ride”.

Prices will range from £2 to £3.50 depending on your choice of ride, with the exception of the reverse bungee, which costs £10 per person.  

The fair holds fond memories for generations of Yorkshiremen, and we expect its return this October to be bigger than ever before. Expect the usual fun houses, helter-skelters, and mini rollercoasters, for children and grownups alike.

Get your adrenaline pumping on the reverse bungee jumps or see how many rides on the waltzers you can fit into your trip over the ten-day extravaganza at Walton Street car park.

One of the confirmed rides for this year is the ‘Xtreme’, the only travelling Top Scan ride around. This is believed to be one of the most ‘iconic rides on any fairground’ and is sure to make your stomach do backflips as you’re twisted 360 degrees whilst in the air.  

A ride at Hull fair
Xtreme in action at another fair. Image: Hull Fair

Get ready to scream, laugh and occasionally vomit. It’s all part of the fun after all.

For more information, visit the Hull Fair Facebook Page or turn up to Walton Street (HU3 6JR) from Friday 8 October and see for yourself why everyone in Leeds will be making the 75-minute trip to the Hull Fair.

Feature Image- University of Hull

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