First images released for new ITV drama starring Happy Valley’s James Norton

James Norton? We will be tuning in.

The Yorkshire actor will be back on our screens in ‘Playing Nice’, a four-part psychological thriller based on JP Delaney’s 2020 novel.

I think it’s fair to say that we all fell in love with James Norton when he depicted the evil villain of Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley over recent years.

We’ve missed tuning in to watch an absolute masterclass in acting from Norton on Sunday evenings, but luckily he will be returning to the big screens in a new ITV drama named ‘Playing Nice’.

The new psychological thriller is based on JP Delaney’s 2020 novel, and we can already predict it will send shivers down our spine.

‘Playing Nice’ follows two couples who devastatingly discover that their toddlers were switched at birth in a hospital mix-up.

Image: ITV

They then face a horrifying dilemma of either keeping their sons that they raised, or reclaiming their biological kids.

Set in Cornwall, the James Norton will play the role of Pete alongside Niamh Algar, James McArdle and Jessica Brown Findlay.

A solution is agreed upon, but it soon becomes clear that there are hidden motives at play with the couples unsure about how much they can trust each other.

ITV Drama Commissioner Helen Perry commented: “Playing Nice is an enthralling thriller with a knotty moral dilemma at its heart. Not only will viewers be hooked, they’ll be left questioning ‘What would I do?’. As Grace Ofori-Attah’s superb script raises questions about the nature of parenting and how far we’ll go for those we love.” 

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Writer Grace Ofori-Attah added: “It has been an absolute privilege to adapt JP Delaney’s gripping novel for the screen. I am thrilled to be working with Rabbit Track and Studiocanal, as well as our incredible cast and production team. I’m also excited to be partnering with ITV again on my second drama series, and can’t wait for Playing Nice to hit TV screens next year.”

The show is set to air in 2024 and we’ll be binging it in no time.

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Featured image – ITV

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