Huddersfield revealed as the British train station with the most cancellations

More than 5,500 trains at the West Yorkshire station were cancelled in 2023.

New research has revealed the train stations in Great Britain with the highest number of cancelled journeys.

A new analysis of train stations across Great Britain has revealed Huddersfield station to have the most cancellations of journeys.

More than 5,500 trains at the West Yorkshire station were cancelled in 2023, which results in a whopping one in eight services.

The research, carried out by the BBC, looked at the rate of cancellations across the country within a certain set time period.

It comes after a previous analysis of National Rail that revealed almost half of the trains across Britain were at least one minute late.

Huddersfield Train station.
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Huddersfield station lies in the centre of the Transpennine Express service between Leeds and Manchester, a route which has consistently seen disruption over the past year resulting in TPE falling under Government control in May after a flurry of cancellations.

And Huddersfield isn’t the only northern station that is suffering, although topping the list with a cancellation rate of 13% behind this was Manchester Victoria with a rate of 10%.

Newcastle, York and Manchester Oxford Road all followed closely behind at 9%.

The  top 10 worst stations for train cancellations in the UK is as follows:

  1. Huddersfield, 13% of trains cancelled
  2. Manchester Victoria, 10%
  3. York, 9%
  4. Newcastle, 9%
  5. Manchester Oxford Road, 9%
  6. Preston, 7%
  7. Cardiff, 7%
  8. Liverpool Lime Street, 7%
  9. Manchester Piccadilly, 7%
  10. Willesdon Junction, 7%

    Chris Jackson, the interim managing director of TransPennine Express (TPE), which took control of Huddersfield station, said “We have seen improvements in performance and have made real progress in rebuilding union relationships on a local level.

    “We know there is more to do, and we are actively developing plans to deliver the reliable, punctual and resilient railway our customers expect and deserve.”

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