Iceland is banning all mums from its UK supermarkets on Mother’s Day

Iceland has announced that all mums will be banned from entering its supermarkets across the UK this Sunday.

“That’s why mums go to Iceland”… or this Mother’s Day, that’s why they don’t.

The budget supermarket has been known nationwide for its popular marketing slogan and catchphrase – which was mostly made famous by Warrington’s-own Kerry Katona on its 2000s TV adverts – but for one day only, this Sunday on Mother’s Day, the retailer is flipping that phrase on its head, and is, instead, banning all matriarchs from its stores.

Mums will be prevented from entering all Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the UK this Sunday 10 March, with the supermarket encouraging them to “put their feet up” instead.

Announcing the so-called ‘ban’ on its official social media platforms yesterday, Iceland wrote: “It’s a fact that mums go to Iceland, however for one day only, we’re asking that they don’t go to Iceland. Sunday 10 March is Mother’s Day, and we don’t want any mums visiting our Iceland or The Food Warehouse stores.

“Instead, we want those icons that should be celebrated this Sunday to put their feet up.”

Despite the Mother’s Day ‘ban’ – which is set to be lifted on the morning of Monday 11 March – the supermarket did add one small caveat at the end of its order to mums: “Having said that, if you need some emergency Yorkshire puddings, you’ve ran out of toilet roll, or you want to treat yourself to a tub of ice cream, we’ll let you in for a couple of minutes…”

Icleand bosses say the one-day ‘ban’ is being introduced to “deter hero mothering figures” from shopping on what should be a day they are “celebrated and treated like royalty”.

“We know how important mums are and we know that mum’s shop at Iceland,” admitted Richard Walker, who is the Executive Chairman of Iceland Foods, “but this Mother’s Day, for one day only, we’re asking that they don’t.

“Instead, send your loved ones, or alternatively, put it off till Monday.”

While many have seen the comical side of Iceland’s one-day-only themed stunt, and have viewed it only in good nature, others on social media have been a little more critical and have pointed out its lack of inclusivity when looked at it on the flip side.

Image: Iceland

Suggesting the retailer should take the post down, one person commented in response to Iceland on Instagram: “This isn’t going to land well. Mum’s who’ve lost babies? Single mums? Mums who work in your store? Working single dads can come then, even though they do it all already? Families without mums? Same sex families? Oh I could go on.”

Another critical commenter wrote: “What if they need food and they’re a single mum with a kid under 18 and there’s only them who can do the shopping? Good thinking Iceland.”

“Nice idea, but sadly so many flaws to it too,” a third wrote simply.

To counteract the critiques, others have defended the supermarket and emphasised that they see it for the “joke it is”.

“People need to learn to take a joke,” one commenter wrote on Instagram, while another said: “It’s tongue in cheek guys! Calm down and take it as that… jeez, some people love drama,” and a third wrote: “People have forgotten how to have fun and laugh”.

Despite the mixed response, and given the fact that it’s highly likely that it was intended as a marketing stunt and nothing more, Iceland doesn’t seem to be backing down from the move or retracting its statement.

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Featured Image – Iceland

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