Inside the Yorkshire staycation where you can sleep inside the old ticket office and train carriages

This place really does transport you back to the 1930s, in the best way imaginable.

In a world where there seems to be no end of plastic bunkbeds and shiny hotel rooms, it’s fantastic to see that there’s still plenty of unique staycations out there that are restoring parts of Yorkshire’s heritage for new visitors to explore.

The Old Ticket Station is the perfect example.

Over in Allerston, where the local train station and railway track to Scarborough once stood is now home to short term rentals both inside the old ticket office and have even relayed tracks to place 1930s-style carriages.

outside of train ticket station with grass.
Image: Host Unusual

Listed on Host Unusual, those looking for a proper first-class retreat will find that this rare opportunity to sleep inside a part of the Yorkshire town’s heritage a true step back in time (in the best way possible).

Original features in the ticket office space have been painstakingly preserved whilst the cosy lounge and dining area still has the original fireplace from its humble beginnings the 1800s and 1900s.

The vintage details span across the walls with vintage posters and framed railway maps, and are complimented by modern appliances to give that old-world feel without having to compromise on convenience.

In addition to the communal areas, there’s two bedrooms that can house either twin beds or a superking, depending on the visitor’s preference. There’s also two bathrooms fitted with a private garden area to the rear.

mirror reflecting view of leather sofas.
old station board reading 'London and North Eastern Railway' with posters of Scarborough.
kitchen with wooden table and chair in the corner.
Images: The Old Station

Ebberston Station has been fitted to reminisce its 1930s appearance, but the holiday home was actually a functioning station from 1890 all the way up until 1953 when the track was lifted and both the station and surrounding areas became farmland.

Owners Mark and Carol Benson moved in around 1996 and made the decision to restore the space into the one-of-a-kind station staycation it is today.

The carriages were installed in 1998 and were painted and restored to look like the LNER period trains from the 1930s. By using a chocolate, green and cream colour scheme, the couple transformed three carriages to their former glory – with plenty of original features for visitors to peer at during their stay.

three train seats with red carpet and Christmas tree.
Image: The Old Station

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A quarter of a century on and all of the staycation homes are proving that character homes make the perfect home-away-from-home. Prices range from £394 for carriages and £560 for the station and are booked out on a three day or weekly basis.

For more information, including how to book either staycation, visit The Old Station website here.

Feature Image – The Old Station

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