New vehicle nuisance scheme in Leeds could prohibit beeping horns without reason and revving engines loudly

The list of proposed prohibited actions includes everything from playing loud music to promoting dangerous behaviour.

Residents of Leeds are currently being asked for their opinion on the proposed scheme.

A Public Space Protection Order has been proposed to prohibit dangerous driving and vehicle nuisance in public spaces as a way of protecting public areas and communities across the city.

The Public Space Protection Order would span across the entire Leeds area and include regulations that could cause disturbance to local residence.

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In the list of potential prohibited actions, the council included: revving car engines unnecessarily, playing music too loudly or beeping their horn without a reason.

This comes in addition to inconsiderate parking, littering from a vehicle, as well as more serious actions like the use of intimidating language or behaviour when behind the wheel, and a serious clamp down on ‘car cruising events’.

As part of the proposed Public Space Protection Order, car cruising and similar events would be prohibit people from engaging in, promoting, encouraging or being involved in any online organisation of said events.

The proposal comes after a West Yorkshire Combined Authority survey which found found that most respondents in the areas surveyed felt that road safety, speeding and dangerous driving were all problems in their local area, which subsequently caused “unease and made residents and road users feel unsafe”.

Car meets and cruising will both come under the public protection order. / Image: Brian McCluske, Unsplash

According to the survey website, vehicle related nuisance accounts for just under one third of all nuisance incidents reported to police in Leeds in 2021.

Those wishing to share their own views on the new proposal can visit the survey on the Leeds government website and leave feedback. This will be available until Friday 12 August 2022.

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Superintendent Dan Wood, Partnerships Lead for Leeds District Police, said: “We recognise the impact that anti-social vehicle use and dangerous driving can have on communities and work closely with partners in Leeds District to make our roads safer.“Having a Public Space Protection Order will give us additional powers to take action against those who cause concerns in our neighbourhoods by using vehicles in an inconsiderate or reckless way.”

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