Leeds Bradford Airport issues statement after queue chaos continues

New guidance on airport arrival times.

Leeds Bradford Airport has issued a statement asking holiday makers to not arrive too early at the airport ahead of flights.

The news comes after one travel agent described the airport’s security queues as ‘bedlam’ and issued a warning online.

On the Leeds Bradford Airport website, the company has acknowledged that it is experiencing high levels of queuing and that passengers will need to arrive with plenty of time to accommodate the time taken to pass security.

However, the airport is asking customers to not arrive too early, as this is also appearing to cause complications and a maximum of arriving three hours before a passenger’s scheduled flight is now the recommended time limit.

The statement on the website reads:

“We are currently anticipating longer queue times for our security process. We would recommend arriving no earlier than 3 hours before departure to allow suitable time for security screening.”

Travel Agent Hannah Hughes at Hays Travel shared a word of warning on her Facebook page on Saturday 7 May 2022 along with a photograph showing long queues outside the airport.

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“Wow Leeds Bradford Airport is exceptionally busy today!!! This is the queue for security which is going right around the airport and all the way outside!!

“Please allow for extra time to pass through the security! Airport staff are calling out flight numbers to fast track customers who’s flights are departing shortly.”

The travel agent did confirm that every say is different, describing the experience each individual holiday-maker may face as “potluck”.

When asked if its worth paying extra to add the comfort of an airport lounge to help alleviate some of the airport stress, Huge warned that there’s a chance lounges will be closed, replying to the question with the comment: “I’ve seen cases of the lounges being closed last minute as the staff are needed elsewhere!”

Last week, Leeds Bradford Airport has received a title no company wants to receive: it’s been ranked joint with Bristol as the worst airport in Britain, according to The Telegraph.

Leeds Bradford Airport received The Telegraph’s ranking as the worst airport in the UK. / Image: Leeds Bradford Airport

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As part of its critique, Travel Writer Emma Beaumont pointed out that Leeds Bradford Airport “came bottom for cancellations, with 2.28 per cent of all flights axed last year, according to data from the CAA” but did acknowledge that the airport scored “fairly well in the delay rankings and has a generous 1,440 seats available in the terminal if you need somewhere to wait it out.”

Despite all the negative comments and long queue times, it appears this isn’t a standalone problem for Leeds. Manchester Airport amongst other UK airports has struggled with the long queues that have formed in recent weeks are likely to continue.

Feature Image- Leeds Bradford Airport

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