Leeds Bradford rated as third worst UK airport by customers

With an average customer review score of 2.1 out of 5.

Leeds Bradford Airport has been ranked as one of the worst in the country according to new research.

A new study carried out by Travel Insurance company Loveit Coverit has revealed the top ten worst international airports in the UK.

The experts collated Google review scores as well as customer ratings from airline review site SKYTRAX to calculate the average customer review score for each of the UK’s airports.

The results found Leeds Bradford Airport to be the third worst, with a poor customer review score of 2.1 out of 5.

An aerial view photo of Leeds Bradford Airport.
Image: Leeds Bradford Airport

Claiming top spot was Manchester with a score of 2, closely followed by Luton that had an average customer review score of 2.05.

The top 10 worst international airports according to Loveit Coverit is as follows:

  1. Manchester – 2
  2. Luton – 2.05
  3. Leeds Bradford – 2.1
  4. Stansted – 2.15
  5. East Midlands – 2.2
  6. Belfast – 2.25
  7. Norwich – 2.4
  8. Bristol – 2.45
  9. Bournemouth – 2.5
  10. Birmingham – 2.55

A spokesperson for Loveit Coverit said: “The study reminds us that behind the glossy brochures and enticing travel ads, the reality of airport experiences can sometimes fall short. It stresses the value of travel insurance, guaranteeing that should anything go amiss, you won’t be liable for the expenses while having to endure a substandard journey.”

Recently, the airport received criticism after Leeds City Council reported that the airport exceeded the number of permitted ‘night time movements’ by 25%.

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The airport was originally given planning permission in 2007 that recognised that the airport would need some night time periods where take offs and landings took place since its a 24 hour airport – but it appeared that more than the allowed amount had been taking place between the night hours of 11pm and 7am.

Back in June, a monitoring framework was put into place by LBA which will be reviewed by the council on a monthly basis to ensure that planning conditions are met continually.

Featured image – Leeds Bradford Airport

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