Leeds girl, 11, flees prom after ‘cruel’ parents mock adorable prom suit

“Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes.”

A Leeds mum has hit out at ‘cruel’ parents who openly laughed at her 11-year-old daughter’s choice of prom outfit.

Mischa Parker from Morley, aged 11, was mocked by the parents of her classmates for deciding to wear a suit to her primary school prom.

She was reported “really excited” about her dickie bow, smart black jacket, and trouser combo, that is until parents at her school ruined her night with cruel comments.

Chaperoning mums and dads at the event allegedly starting laughing at her and calling her “suit girl” which was enough to ruin the poor girl’s night and call her self-esteem into question.

Poor Mischa was so upset by the name-calling from the adults that she called her mum to come and pick her up from the prom early.

Mischa Parker pictured with her mum Tamara and her brother Tom / Image: Tamara Auty / SWNS

Her mum has since hit out at those responsible, calling their behaviour “disgusting.”

“When I was 11 I had no idea who I was, but Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes,” said mum Tamara.

“I’d taken her shopping the day before and she was really excited trying it on. She was a bit nervous hoping nobody laughed at her.

“I just think that children should be allowed to express themselves – why should my daughter be made to feel bad about the way she likes to dress?

“Why try and knock a child down for that?”

Mischa had picked out the outfit herself with a little help and encouragement from her mum,  Tamara Auty, at H&M ready for her prom at Fountain Primary School.

Tamara said: “She did end up going into the boys’ section and got a dickie bow as they suited her a bit more.

Bolstered with praise from her family, who thought she looked great in her smart suit combo, Mischa started to get excited for the party – putting on mascara and having her mum do her hair.

Tamara said: “I’d straightened her hair for her, she’d put a bit of mascara on, nails painted black and normally she doesn’t bother with makeup or do anything with her hair.

“She was a little bit nervous but felt really good, she really liked the suit.”

Reflecting on what had happened, mum Tamara said:

“I think it was an attack on her individuality, I work in mental health myself I just think it was really disgusting.”

“Me at eleven, I had no idea who I was, but Mischa has always known who she is and what she likes.”

Feature image – Image: Tamara Auty / SWNS.

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