Leeds has been crowned the most ‘caring’ city in the UK

Aren’t we lovely.

A new study has revealed the cities which are deemed to be the most ‘caring’ in the UK, and Leeds comes up trumps at the top of the list.

I mean come on, of course it does.

In case you missed it, our wonderful city was recently crowned one of the friendliest cities in the UK.

And now, our heads are about to get even bigger as Leeds has taken first position in a list of the most ‘caring’ cities in the UK.

Blimey, we’re a lovely bunch aren’t we?

From donating blood, to volunteering for charity and helping out with neighbourhood tasks, there’s so many ways to lend a hand and support your local community – but which UK cities are the best at this?

Ultimately, which UK cities are the most caring? Well, in a bid to answer this question, the life insurance team over at Compare the Market has analysed 30 of the country’s most populated cities to determine which of them are the most ‘community-minded’.

Top 10 most ‘caring’ cities in the UK

  1. Leeds
  2. Bradford
  3. Manchester
  4. Milton Keynes
  5. Wolverhampton
  6. Reading
  7. Bristol
  8. Hull
  9. Cardiff
  10. Coventry

So what earned us the top spot? Well, we’ve got plenty of charities across the city dedicated to various causes with a whopping 1,699 operating in Leeds.

In particular we’ve got 52 animal charities, which is one of the highest amounts of all cities analysed. Go us.

Leeds also has 98 different community centres dotted around the city, which equates to two for every 10,000 people — the most of any location in the study.

Image: Unsplash

And, Leeds is also deemed to be relatively safe with a crime level score of 49 out of 100.

The North features heavily within the top 10, with the Yorkshire cities Bradford and Hull also finding themselves on the list, as well as Manchester just over the Pennines.

Well done Leeds, keep being great.

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Featured image – Unsplash

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