There’s now a live photo booth available at the halfway mark of the Otley Run

Now you can capture those fancy dress costumes for life.

The Otley Run is a true rite of passage to any students who find themselves in Leeds during their studies and a firm favourite for societies and clubs from the various student unions across the city.

But if you find the night gets a bit blurry (well, 13 pubs is a fair amount to get through), there’s now a way to take photos that you’ll remember.

Beam Works on Otley Road marks (near enough) the halfway mark. Nestled just before Skyrack in Headingley and just over the road from BOX and the Original Oak, the shop opens by day stocking cool crafts, art supplies, prints but from 4pm, it becomes a giant photo booth for Otley Runners.

And it’ll cost you less than a half pint to get your snaps.

Professional photographer Jazz Kane takes over the store and gives groups ‘as many images as you can pose for in 5 mins’ – so there’s plenty of time to get your desired group photo no matter how many times one of your mates asks for it to be retaken (we’ve all got one friend like that). All for just £2 a head.

The idea is that you can then have all your images emailed over, and if there’s any you’d like physical copies of, Beamworks runs an affordable print service too that promises high quality without the cost – so it’s never been easier to get those Otley Run keepsakes for the fridge.

The owners of Beam Works came up with the idea after they “noticed shoppers tend to avoid the area as it gets so busy with runners!” telling us that they “love the Otley run so instead of getting grumpy and complaining about it we thought as we are a creative space why not get creative on the Otley run”.

There’s also a dedicated Instagram page called @otleyrunleeds where you’ll see highlights from groups that have popped in – so if you need any inspiration on poses or want to have a look at the quality of the end product, have a nosey here.

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The shop runs as a non-profit so any money made goes back into supporting local artists – so we really can’t think of a reason not to get involved!

To find out more, head over to Beam Works in Headingley or follow @otleyrunleeds on Instagram here.

Feature Image – Otley Run Leeds via Instagram

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