You can get holidays from 2pm throughout September with Jet2Holidays ‘Bid For A Break’

Since launching in 2021, the airline has offered holidaymakers the chance to win a holiday by bidding for a holiday.

The idea is that the lowest unique bid will be able to purchase the getaway for the price of their bid.

Previous successful holidaymakers have found themselves with trips to the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, The Algarve and Greece – with winning bids starting at just 2p.

Previous holidays to Spain have been given away. / Image: Unsplash

The getaway bids will run every weekday and an additional weekend competition throughout September, giving 30 chances to win across the month.

Bidding opens daily from 00:01 and closes at 00:00 the following day for weekday competitions. Then for the weekend competitions, the auction will open Saturday, closing on Sunday night.

In order to bid for a break, you’ll need to download the Jet2 app and bid to the nearest pence. Then, if nobody else has the same bid as you – you’ll be able to purchase the holiday for the same price as the bid.

1. Download the Jet2 app
2. Go to the ‘Offers’ page
3. Select ‘Bid for a break’
4. Fill out the form with your contact details
5. Add in your lowest unique bid to the nearest pence
6. Sign up to myJet2 and you’ll also get a chance to bid on a five-star stay each week
7. Cross your fingers and hope your bid wins!

Image: Jet2Holidays

Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays, said: “Since its launch, our ‘Bid for a Break’ campaign has been extremely popular with holidaymakers, so we are delighted to announce that it is returning every weekday and weekend throughout September, with 30 holidays up for grabs. The campaign is highly sought-after, and customers will be excited for its bumper return.

“For this reason, we have absolute confidence it will prove to be a big hit once again. We know how much holidaymakers want to get away from the UK and enjoy a well-deserved break, and with some fantastic holidays available to bid on daily, we are offering them the chance to do just that for as little as a few pence. We wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to welcoming the successful bidders on holiday.”

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To find out more about Bid For A Break, visit Jet2Holidays website here.

Feature Image – Tania Mousinho

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