Leeds high street wins Postcode Lottery- with thousands to be potentially collected

The Leeds high street has won on Postcode Lottery with the potential to win up to £3000 per property on the winning road.

A street full of shops and market stalls has won the People’s Postcode Lottery this week- and bagged up to £3,000 per player in the process.

The lucky postcode winners of LS21 3AE were announced as the People’s Postcode Lottery winners of the day on the lottery website on Tuesday 10 May 2022.

New Market, Otley was the street named in Leeds this week as Postcode Lottery winners.

The high street is home to nineteen different shops and plenty of market stalls, including pubs, local shops, a vaping store, a pizza shop and additional properties specialising in land projects, transport and property development.

street view on google maps.
Image: Google Maps

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The winners were part of the £1,000 daily prizes winners where every ticket in twenty postcodes wins £1,000 every day of the week- the idea is that the more tickets that a particular postcode has, the more winnings it will receive.

Individual players can also purchase multiple tickets and if their postcode comes up as a winner, they can win £1,000 per ticket, with the expected ceiling values of £3,000.

Giving back to the community and the people of the UK, the People’s Postcode Lottery says that a minimum of 33% of ticket sales goes to charity- amounting to an incredible sum of £900 million to date.

The lottery has given award hundreds of thousand of pounds in winnings. / Image: People’s Postcode Lottery

At present, it is unclear how much has been won by the residents of New Market, Otley- or whether anyone has purchased a ticket eligible for the £1,000 prize but its expected that if any winners come forwards, they are likely to share the good news.

To check your postcode, visit the People’s Postcode Lottery website.

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