Leeds United ranked as one of the cheapest teams to follow in the Premier League

The price of a pint pulled us down in the rankings.

A new study has revealed that Leeds United are the third cheapest team to watch in the Premier League this season.

Research conducted by kingcasinobonus.uk analysed the cost of tickets, merchandise, parking and food and drink at all the Premier League football clubs.

These factors were then used to find out which team is the most expensive and which is the cheapest team in the Premier League to watch.  

And the results are very interesting, with Nottingham Forest coming in first place, closely followed by Bournemouth, with Leeds United taking the third podium.

Although Leeds tickets are a similar price to Bournemouth, what pulled us down in the rankings is the price of our pints.

Pints in the stadium come in at £5 a pop which makes it one of the pricier pints in the top 10 list.

Leeds United player.
Image: Leeds United

A Leeds United’s home shirt will set fans back £60 from their club shop, however that is still slightly below the league average which is £62.57, meaning they rank highly in the list of the cheapest teams.

Leeds came out with a cost index of 28.82, whereas Bournemouth had 26.68 and Nottingham Forest 26.20.

The full list of clubs and their rankings is as follows:

  • 1. Nottingham Forest – 26.20 
  • 2. Bournemouth – 26.68 
  • 3. Leeds United – 28.82
  • 4. Crystal Palace – 29.07 
  • 5. Liverpool – 29.82 
  • 6. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 29.88
  • 7. Brentford – 29.97 
  • 8. Everton – 30.03 
  • 9. Newcastle – 31.02 
  • 10. Fulham – 31.51 

A spokesperson for kingcasinobonus.uk commented: “Football has always been for the fans, unfortunately, many have begun to be priced out of following their club. With the cost-of-living crisis ongoing, it’s likely that more and more fans will struggle to afford the increasing prices of watching their team.  

“There is a lot of money flowing through English football and at the heart of that is the fans. Without fans there is no football, so it’s refreshing to see that even in the top flight of football that some teams are still attempting to provide affordable football experiences for their fans.”

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Feature image – Leeds United

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