Leeds woman creating ‘crisp packet jacket’ semi-finalist for national hobbyist award

Leeds woman creating ‘crisp packet jacket’ semi-finalist for national hobbyist award

Bernadette Shackleton from Yeadon is one of ten semi-finalists.

The upcycle crafter from Leeds spent three months creating an eco ‘packet jacket’ out of hundreds of crisp packets.

The jacket has been selected as one of the final ten contestants for Eventbrite’s Hobby Hero competition.

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Eventbrite’s Hobby Hero competition launched in May to find Britain’s greatest hobbyist and help them share their pastime with others in an effort to get the nation connected again.

Bernadette spends her time finding beauty all around and is a big advocate for recycling, but the idea for the ‘packet jacket’ was born from lockdown.

Having started collecting used crisp packets with the intention of recycle them, she began her ambitious upcycling project during lockdown with her friend Heidi, and spent three months and countless hours creating the masterpiece.

Image: Supplied (Big Bang)

The competition winner will receive a £5,000 prize – £2,500 in cash and £2,500 worth of support from Eventbrite’s experts to help share her passion with others, allowing Bernadette will be able to share her design and recycling skills alike with likeminded individuals.

Bernadette said: “I love giving a new lease of life to something that has been thrown away. When I go to the tip, it breaks my heart that so many things of value have been discarded as landfill. A crisp packet takes seven years to degrade so I’m glad we’ve found a new use for them.

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“My packet-jacket started out as a silly pastime to keep me busy in lockdown. I never expected it to look so amazing or get me in the semi-finals of this competition. Even my son says it looks amazing, which is high praise indeed!”

Regardless of the outcome, Bernadette has big plans for the jacket, including presenting the garment to hundreds of fashion-conscious individuals at London Fashion Week.

Image: Supplied (Big Bang)

Bernadette continues: “A fashion designer friend of mine is hoping to help us get the jacket to London Fashion Week. It would be amazing to get it noticed. It really does look striking.

“For Heidi and I, it’s been a labour of love. We would put the music on, clear the table and spend hours on our intricate design. It’s been really therapeutic and enjoyable. I can’t wait to start on our next design.”

During several lockdowns, Eventbrite saw thousands either continue to pursue their interests or take up new hobbies by joining online workshops and classes.  

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Eventbrite’s Sebastian Boppert says: “The entries we received ranged from the more traditional to the weird and wonderful. We received lots of craft entries, but few as original and creative as Bernadette’s crisp packet art. You can tell from the photos how much dedication it took. We also love that her hobby is a sustainable pastime. I wish her all the best as one of our semi-finalists.

“Our final Hobby Hero winner will be someone with enthusiasm and dedication, who wants to share it with others – and maybe even earn some money with it. A strong entry like Bernadette’s certainly fits the bill.”

The Eventbrite Hobby Hero competition will continue into the summer as a panel of judges analyse each of the ten semi-finalists before announce the winner at the end of July.

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