National campaign launched to give knighthoods to Rob Burrows and Kevin Sinfield

People are calling for the Rugby League legends to receive an honour from the King.

A new campaign has been launched to give Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield knighthoods following the emotional scenes at the inaugural Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon in May.

After raising £8 million and inspiring the entire nation with their friendship, people are now calling for the Rugby League legends to receive an honour from the King for their charity work.

Since Rob Burrows went public with his diagnosis in 2019, the pair have gone on to inspire thousands and bring hope to many through their fundraising efforts for Moto Neuron Diseas (MND).

Now, the national newspaper The Express is calling for the pair to be knighted as part of a campaign that has the backing of Leeds Rhinos Chief Executive Gary Hetherington and the MND Association, as well as of Rob’s wife Lindsay.

The image of Kevin Sinfield carrying his former Leeds Rhinos teammate over the finish line at the event struck the hearts of many as a poignant reminder of the important role of friendship during the toughest of times.

After pushing Rob, who suffers from MND, for 26 miles in a specially-made wheelchair the current England Rugby Union defence coach finished by lifting his friend from his wheelchair in a moment that will undoubtedly go down in history.

Now, many in the UK are putting forward the case for the pair to be knighted – including calls from Lindsay, Rob’s childhood sweetheart, wife of 17 years, and full-time carer.

Lindsey has previously said she thought that Kevin Sinfield should be knighted for his publicity-raising efforts at the event, and now The Express has backed her calls by launching a campaign to honour both men.

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The petition, entitled ‘Support Express campaign to bestow knighthoods on Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield’, the description reads: “Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield deserve one of this country’s highest honours in recognition of their inspiring fundraising and awareness-raising efforts.

Speaking to The Express, Leeds Rhinos Chief Executive Gary Hetherington said: “What they have both done is to significantly raise money and made both the profile of the MND Foundation, the movement and its striving to find a cure not only locally significant, but nationally and internationally.

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“There is now recognition all over the world for what they’ve done. The Leeds Marathon had international publicity and recognition. The message about supporting the MND movement and striving to find an MND cure drew acclaim from across the world.

“Efforts led by Kevin and Rob generated this international profile.”

If you would like to sign the petition, click here.

Featured image – Leeds Rhinos (via Instagram)

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