Rob Burrow is joining a fun run in Leeds on Father’s Day

“He’s such a special dad and everyone will be there to support and especially on Father’s Day”

Rob Burrow and family will be taking part in a special race this Father’s Day.

As part of the Leeds 10k taking place this weekend, a special fun run has been organised for younger runners wanting to take part in the day.

The Leeds Arena Group Mini and Junior run take place in the morning of the event, with the Mini race seeing children aged 3 – 8 running 1.5km and the Junior run taking place over 2.35km for children aged 9 – 15.

The family of former Leeds Rhinos player Rob Burrow will be pushing him around in his chair as part of the fun run.

When interviewed by the BBC, Rob Burrow’s children said “I’m very excited to push daddy round because he’s such a special dad and everyone will be there to support and especially on Father’s Day”

“It makes me feel very proud and excited because my dad is so special”

“It’ll be really exciting because some children won’t get to do that and it’ll just be a great experience on Father’s Day”

Wife Lindsey Burrow said: “Rob idolises his children and he’s such a family man so I think being able to do this run with children on Sunday will be really special. When Rob was diagnosed, he wanted to raise that awareness to show how cruel and devastating the disease is and not only how it just affects the person with the disease but also the family as well.

“I think for Rob to go out and show the true effects of MND at a time when he is most vulnerable takes a really courageous and special person to do that.”

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Leeds Live reports that Rob has said “I think it might be a bumpy ride” but is “really looking forward to seeing [his] kids pushing [him] round the fun run”.

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