The 2021 bonfire and firework events cancelled by Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council has just confirmed that it has cancelled its 2021 bonfire and firework events, citing a lack of ability to plan due to COVID restrictions.

Community bonfires managed by the council typically take place at six different locations around Leeds and attract roughly 100,000 visitors every year.

However, this year the council-organised events at East End Park; Roundhay Park; Woodhouse Moor; Springhead Park in Rothwell; Middleton Park and Bramley Park will not go ahead.

The events were also cancelled in 2020 for a similar reason.

In a statement released today, the council explained that they would’ve had to put in place ticketed arrangements for each event in order to comply with covid restrictions and that this would’ve added significant costs to the running of the events.

The full city council statement released today said: “To ensure that this could be delivered in an appropriate manner, the council would have had to put in place ticketed arrangements for each individual event.

“To support crowd management, these tickets would have needed to be distributed to each attendee before each event took place, with no capacity to pick up on the night.

“In addition, a substantial amount of supplementary infrastructure would also be necessary to control access and check COVID status and tickets.

“This would mean that gaining entry would take a lot longer for everyone and could mean that those without evidence of their COVID status not being able to gain access.

“There would also be significant additional costs of putting these measures in place, which added to uncertainty about any further COVID changes that may be made prior to the bonfire events, has meant that following an assessment, a decision has been taken to not to host the events in 2021.”

As for other bonfire and firework events taking place around the city, these will be monitored by Leeds City Council’s Safer Strong Communities Team.

Councillor Salma Arif, Leeds City Council’s executive member for public health and active lifestyles said:: “We certainly did not take this decision lightly, and we know that this news will come as a real disappointment to many people, and this is something that we too very much share.

“We will be continuing to monitor all the guidance and relevant information that is available to us to inform and guide any final decisions that might be made regarding other individual council events scheduled in the future.

Feature image – Leeds City Council.

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