This company will pay you £700 to pick up dog poo

Dreams do come true.

And no, we’re not kidding.

This is not a headline we ever expected to write… but there’s a company that is actually willing to pay you to pick up dog poo.

As bizarre as it sounds – and trust us, we do know it’s an odd one – Harringtons Pet Food is offering one lucky dog owner the chance to get paid to pick up their dog’s poo as part of a newly-launched campaign. 

The #ScoopThePoop campaign encourages dog owners to monitor their canine companion’s health through its poo before it’s picked up and binned, as even though it is, admittedly, a bit grim to check, dog poo can often contain visual indicators of the animals’ health, and/or the dietary changes that may be needed in their lives.

As part of the campaign, the dog food company says it’s “on a mission” to encourage responsible dog ownership when out and about on dog walks this year, especially as you can be fined up to £100 on the spot for not picking up poo. 

So, instead of being fined for leaving poo, how would you like to be paid to pick it up instead?

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While we’re not expecting loads of you to have answered ‘yes’ to that question, the successful applicant to this ‘dream job’ will front Harringtons Pet Food’s #ScoopThePoop campaign, by communicating the message of the importance of picking up after your pet through social media, and will also receive a year’s supply of dog food – which is worth £700.

The role is open to anyone and everyone with a dog. 

Whether your walk is short or long, or your dog is a small breed or large breed, anyone that’s passionate about dog walking and responsible ownership is encouraged to apply.

Prospective candidates just need to be over 18 years old, and live in the UK.

A company is genuinely offering to pay someone £700 to pick up dog poo / Credit: Geograph | Unsplash

Fancy it then? 

All you need to do to apply is fill out this form and let Harringtons Pet Food know which park you most regularly enjoy walks with your furry friend, as well as agree to spreading the #ScoopThePoop word on your social media channels at least twice in 2024 to receive the free £700-worth of dog food.

Applications will close on 29 February at 23:59pm, and the successful candidate will be notified of their new role by 15 March.

Find out more and stick your application in here.

Featured Image – Mark Timberlake (via Unsplash)

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