This Yorkshire restaurant has been named in Time Out’s 15 best restaurants in the UK

Very well deserved.

Just months after being awarded a coveted Michelin star.

The highly regarded lifestyle magazine is always pumping out these rankings across the board and with decades of pedigree behind them, it goes without saying that people still take their recommendations very seriously – ourselves included.

So when we saw that a restaurant in Yorkshire had been awarded a spot in the most recent round-up, it’s fair to say we were completely chuffed.

And this particular spot has only been open 9 months.

Mýse (pronounced ‘meez’), based in Hovingham North Yorkshire, is a beautiful British restaurant run by chef and sommelier duo Joshua and Victoria Overington that opened in summer 2023.

Mýse was recently shortlisted for Best New Restaurant at the Good Food Guide Awards 2024 and the picturesque area it’s based in, Helmsley and the Howardian Hills, was crowned the most exciting food destination in the UK.

And they only went and got themselves a Michelin star back in February this year.

Boasting a menu that takes an elegant spin on traditional Yorkshire cooking, the fine-dining experience focuses on using small-scale producers to source the very best local ingredients.

In at number 12 on Time Out‘s list of the best restaurants in Britain, the article painted a picturesque description of Mýse which makes us want to book a table in a heart beat.

The round-up said: “Against a green and golden Howardian Hills backdrop, you’ll find the delightful Mýse. If a restaurant has ever gunned for Michelin star contention, it’s this one – and sucessfully too, winning one less than a year after opening in the summer of 2023.

“Their tiny tasting menu has all the flair and precision of an old master. Using the finest local produce available on the day, you’ll be feasting upon the likes of duck and mead broth served with a tiny liver crumpet, plump Lindisfarne oysters with a watercress pesto and seaweed granita, or aged Herdwick lamb saddle covered over coals with tetragonia spinach and a lamb tongue, pearl barley and anchovy garum sauce.”

Feeling hungry? Us too.

We’re of course biased but there are definitely a few more places in our wonderful city that we’d throw into Time Out‘s list but, who knows, maybe they’ll make it on there next year?

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Featured image – Mýse

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