Two endangered cheetahs have arrived at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Four-year-old female Darcy and thirteen-year-old male Brooke have found a new home.

Two endangered cheetahs have been transported to a new enclosure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Four-year-old female Darcy and thirteen-year-old male Brooke have recently moved into a new 10,000 sq m enclosure at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Darcy was brought from Fota Wildlife Park in Ireland and Brooke was transported from the Bristol Zoo Project conservation park.

The cheetahs are being housed separately from one another. Visitors to the park in Doncaster can now see the cheetahs in their new enclosure.

A cheetah from Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Image: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

With only 7,100 estimated to still exist in the wild, Cheetahs are sadly classified as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They are known as the world’s fastest land animal, and are under threat by habitat loss, pollution and poaching.

Dr Charlotte Macdonald, director of animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, described the new enclosure as the largest “breeding complex” in Europe.

She said: “The landscape is enriched with lots of trees, rocks, sandy areas to relax, caves and lookout points which are expected to be popular with the new arrivals. We hope that Darcy and Brooke will appreciate the space in cheetah territory.

A cheetah.
Image: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

“In the wild, female cheetahs are solitary and this only changes when caring for their cubs, whilst males are more social and will live in all-male groups called coalitions.”

Built on a former riding school and small farm attraction, Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened in April 2009 and has become a dynamic centre for conservation and welfare.

With over 400 animals and over 70 species, it is the UK’s number one walkthrough wildlife experiences.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is open seven days a week and is the perfect activity for the summer holidays, you can purchase your tickets in advance here.

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Featured image – Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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