Yorkshire revealed as the second-best region in the UK to buy a house

Yorkshire came up trumps, but we already knew that.
Row of town houses in the UK

With house prices varying hugely throughout the UK, the team at Glint Pay have researched where’s best to buy.

So how did they do it? By weighing price per square foot against average salary, crime rate and life satisfaction, Glint assigned each area in the UK a House Buying Score out of 100, to produce full rankings for the best places to buy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively.

Good news is that Yorkshire came out on top and has been revealed as the second-best region to buy a house in the UK. With a house buying score of 59/100, just behind the North East at 61/100, but above the North West and Midlands.

Contents table showing the best places to buy a house in the UK.
Image: Glint Pay

Rainy as it may be, with seven northern regions appearing in the top 10, Yorkshire is obviously the clear victor in the house buying study. And we may be biased, but we agree it is most definitely the best place to live as well.

It was found that Yorkshire houses offer some of the best value for money, ranging between £202-255 per square ft., well below the national average of £366. The only downside being that houses in Yorkshire tend to be on the smaller side with South Yorkshire even having the smallest houses in the UK (973 sq. ft. on average).

Colour graded map of the UK showing best places to buy.
Image: Glint Pay

It’s no surprise that the South of England dominate the bottom of the table but if you are keen to cross the divide, Staffordshire (67/100), Derbyshire (60/100) and Herefordshire (60/100) snuck into the top 10, though houses here are decidedly pricier than their northern counterparts.

Surprisingly Kent (22/100) overtook Greater London (24/100) in being the worst place to buy in England, the reason being that average salaries in Kent are £9,000 lower than London, meaning reduced buying power. Add to that a comparable crime rate to the capital, and Kent’s fate is sealed.

List of contents showing the worst places to buy in the UK.
Image: Glint Pay

Taking a closer look, 6 of the 10 least expensive areas per square ft. are in South West Scotland, while 7 of the 10 most expensive areas are in South East England.

So there you have it, if you weren’t convinced that Yorkshire wasn’t the best place on earth already then here’s some more evidence to convince you.

To read the full article and more of the findings, take a loot at Glint’s website.

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