Yorkshire Water tells customers to cut showers to 4-minutes during heatwave

The company has even created a Spotify playlist of 4-minute songs to help keep your showers speedy.

Yorkshire Water is advising its customers to conserve water by cutting their showers down to just 4 minutes, and has even gone so far as to create a playlist.

As temperatures across the country soar this week, forecasters are predicting the UK’s heatwave will see parts of the country hit 33C.

A rare amber weather warning for ‘extreme heat’ has been issued this morning ahead of the weekend, and some water companies – including our very own Yorkshire Water – are strongly advising people to ration their water use.

The amber weather alert that’s been issued in England on Sunday 17 July. / Image: Met Office

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Not only has Yorkshire Water told people to limit their showers to just 4 minutes, but they’ve also created a Spotify playlist of 4-minute long songs to help keep you speedy as you wash.

The playlist offers a little bit of something for everyone, packed with more than 60 tracks spanning everything from pop to punk and rock and roll. Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer, Lola by The Kinks, White Flag by Dido and S Club 7’s Reach all feature highly.

Elsewhere, further tracks on the short and sweet shower list include Kinky Afro by The Happy Mondays, David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World, and, amusingly, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus.

The calls come as suppliers warn higher demand and irresponsible use could lead to some people being left without running water altogether.

Image: Flickr

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This is not due to a shortage, but because companies are concerned they won’t be able to clean used water quickly enough.

Some suppliers have called for customers to adopt shorter showers, as well as telling them to “learn to love” their brown lawn, turn off sprinklers and swap the hose for a watering can, but Yorkshire Water has gone the furthest of them all.

To check out the full playlist and save water during the heatwave, click here.

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