Yorkshire’s lost town swallowed by the sea has been discovered 650 years later

The sunken town is dubbed ‘Yorkshire’s Atlantis’.

Britain’s lost Atlantis is thought to have finally been discovered after falling into the North Sea 650 years ago.

Ravenser Odd is a town which sunk to the depths of the sea back in 1362.

Scientists have been in search of the town for years, and have likened it’s eventual discovery to Atlantis and Pompeii.

The sunken town, dubbed ‘Yorkshire’s Atlantis’, was once a popular stopping place for fishing boats and cargo ship that sat the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

Historians believed it lay at the bottom of the ocean around a mile off from the Yorkshire coast.

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However, a new search closer to the shore has recently uncovered rocks and stonework beneath the water’s surface.

Specialist sonar equipment has been deployed in an attempt to discover the harbour walls of the lost town.

Professor Dan Parsons, a geoscientist at the University of Hull, is leading the search.

He told The Sun: “It’s fascinating, exciting, exhilarating. The exact location of this medieval town hasn’t ever been pinpointed.

“We now have the tools and the technology to go out there and locate it once and for all.”

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The search team hope to find the footprint of the town including its sea wall, harbour and foundations.

This will allow them to map it all out and create a 3D map which divers could then use to explore the site.

Scientists say they now have all the data needed and will be analysing the area under the sea in the coming weeks.

After all this, they should be able to confirm whether the findings are infact the lost Yorkshire town of Ravenser Odd.

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