Cult favourite Crash Records is launching a retro footy kit with a big party at Oporto

Two indies collide in a dream night for footy kit fanatics.

Cult favourite music shop Crash Records are about to drop their first-ever football shirt with a big launch party at popular city-centre bar, Oporto.

The legendary local record shop have created the eye-catching kit in collaboration with iconic sports brand, Admiral, which Leeds United famously wore from 1974-81, again in the early ’90s and once more from 2005-08, and the influences are plain to see.

Not only will the shirt be available to buy from next week (and don’t be surprised if they sell out quickly) but they’re also letting people get their hands on them early and at a discount with the launch party at their mates just down the road.

Guess we’re due a night out and a new footy shirt for the collection then.

As you can see from the kit, although it’s a bold black and yellow to stay on brand with Crash’s colour scheme, there are plenty of influences from the Whites at play.

It might be the Admiral doing most of the heavy lifting but you’ve got to admit, there’s a real classic 90s vibe to this lovely little number.

We’ve seen lots of crossovers like this from names such as Classic Football Shirts and Bands FC who are both based in Greater Manchester, but this might be up there with one of our favourites.

After all, it is closer to home.

The Crash Records footy kit will retail at just £25 but, as mentioned, if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one at the same time, then you can head to the launch party at Oporto this weekend.

Call Lane never disappoints but with Crash Records popping over to help with the tunes and flog some of their new shirts, you can grab a ticket to this shindig for just £5 and get a fiver off the kit in the process.

As well as DJ sets from the record store staff, there’ll be live music from local bands No Wukkas, Shaene, Yutanni and more.

I mean, we never need an excuse to dance the night away at Oporto but consider us sold.

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We’re always looking for ways to support our beloved local independents and we can’t think of many cooler excuses than this.

The party gets underway this Sunday, 12 May from 7:30pm and is 16+ only. We hope to see plenty of you there wearing your brand-new Crash Records kit.

Oporto’s front window is about to look the Yellow Wall and we can’t wait.

You can grab your tickets HERE.

Featured Images — The Hoot/Crash Records (supplied)

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