Danny DeVito ornaments, a dog and ‘an important pregnancy test’: Uber shares all the items left in taxis this year

There’s more! Including a unicycle, tacos and a lightsaber.

Wow, turns out we’re a pretty forgetful bunch.

Uber has released its annual lost and found index, and turns out we all leave the same items behind every now and again.

But what you leave massively depends on the day of the week.

Apparently, if you’re getting an Uber on a Monday you’re most likely to leave behind your charger, cardholder or glasses – makes sense if you’re heading into the office with a severe case of the Monday morning haze where nothing is quite right until you’ve had your morning coffee and caught up with your colleagues.

Tuesdays are the most family friendly, with prams, baby bottles, baby car seats and dummies the most common items left behind. Not quite sure given the size of a pram it’s easy to miss unless it’s stored in the boot though?

On to hump day, where we’re all jet setting – apparently. On a Wednesday the most common items left behind are passports and books.

Thursday must be a forgetful person’s food shop day as most groceries are top of the list of most missed items, as well as laptops.

Now the weekend comes round and, you can guess it, it’s those night out essentials dropped down the sides and left inside your Uber. Friday that’s bags and cash; Saturday it’ll be keys and ID, as well as clothes and Sunday, the day of the week that people are most likely to leave items behind, it’s makeup, wallets, phones and earrings.

person in an Uber.
Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

And as for the most unique items left behind, Uber’s narrows that down into a top 50 list that we can only assume is listed exactly as the person has that’s lost them has described them…

  1. Danny DeVito Christmas ornament 
  2. MY DOG IS IN THE CAR!!! A toy poodle.
  3. Blue cap that says ‘i love the smell of jet fuel in the morning’
  4. Fog machine
  5. Some bowling rags
  6. Ankle monitor
  7. My unicycle
  8. 16 oz of fake blood
  9. A printer and remote-controlled vibrator
  10. A pin with Jesus holding slice of pizza
  11. Small camping stove and my funeral pamphlets
  12. Stainless steel gua sha tool  
  13. Cat collar that says ‘Maui’ on it 
  14. My calculator and my tacos
  15. Small stone carved whales
  16. Sentimental green pen
  17. Statue of Liberty green foam crown
  18. A lightsaber
  19. Tamagotchi, light blue, egg shaped. And nuts.
  20. My hamsters are in her car
  21. Hermes scarves 
  22. 1/2 a gallon of Fireball 
  23. Mannequin wig head
  24. 6 cheesecakes 
  25. My happy sauce
  26. Britney spears fantasy perfume
  27. ‘Taming of the Shrew’ by Shakespeare
  28. 2 fingernails
  29. A fire sword.
  30. A small, felt, stuffed animal that I made
  31. Two painted rat traps
  32. Tattoo ink and gold antlers
  33. A power of attorney document issued by Turkish consulate 
  34. 2 Pet Turtles 
  35. Packets and bundles of fake hair
  36. I lost my girlfriend 
  37. Bidet
  38. lotion and chicken wings
  39. I left a slab of bluefin tuna for sushi on the floorboard of the back seat.
  40. One Gucci loafer
  41. Rash cream
  42. An important pregnancy test
  43. Self-respect, mostly. 
  44. A feather 
  45. Foley catheter insertion tray kit 
  46. Slushy machine
  47. Paintings of my wife
  48. Weight loss surgery guide
  49. Horns and a viking helmet
  50. My friends fake tooth

With all this talk of lost property, if you do lose anything whilst taking an Uber, the company recommends heading over to the dedicated help page on the Uber website which outlines the steps you need to take.

You can find the full lost and found index here.

Feature Image – Arion Reyvonputra / Viktor Avdeev via Unsplash

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