‘I was verry upset’ – 7-year-old send adorable message Kellogg’s after axe popular cereal

The popular cereal, arguably the best one in the multipacks, is a sugar-coated take on the classic Corn Flakes.

‘Not much variety in here lads’

Kellogg’s has axed one of the best cereals from its variety packs, and people are not happy…

Shoppers have noticed that the breakfast food creator, which has its headquarters here in the north, has removed Frosties from its mini selection packs, reports The Manc.

The popular cereal, arguably the best one in the mulitpacks, is a sugar-coated take on the classic Corn Flakes.

But now the Tony the Tiger-fronted snack has been dropped from the line-up, swapped for a third box of Coco Pops instead.

People have complained to Kellogg’s that there’s no longer ‘much variety’ in the variety packs, with one customer’s seven-year-old child even penning a ‘verry upset’ letter of complaint.

One person said: “@KelloggsUKI not much “variety” in here lads. 3 x Coco Pops. Letting yourselves being bullied into removing the Frosties? Piss poor, won’t be buying again.”

Another wrote: “Bad decision, why not let people decide what they want to eat? – The variety packa now is as iteresting as the cardboard the food comes in. first Ricicles and now Frosties.”

Someone else reminisced on their childhood, when there were apparently eight different options.

One tweet said: “Kellogg’s I dont want your help in finding healthier options I want to eat Frosites – you’ve already killed off Ricicles – Why not let grown up’s decide what hey want to eat?”

Another posted: “@KelloggsUKI what the hell #mate? Was gonna say recently we need two #frosties and here I find none #disgrace #breakfast”

A spokesperson for Kellogg’s said on Twitter: “We can confirm that we have recently taken the decision to remove Frosties from the variety pack. Thank you for expressing your thoughts about the change, please be assured that we will pass this sentiment back to our marketing department.”

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