Instagrammers are making Halloween pumpkin decorations out of £1 mops

Crafter Anna-Marie Sorroll shared a video tutorial on Instagram last week – and its since been adopted across the country

A keen Instagram crafter has shared a brilliant way to transform your £1 mop head into a festive pumpkin decoration this spooky season.

Autumn is right around the corner, which means just one thing: Halloween is coming.

Embracing the spooky season in full force, one money-savvy crafting influencer has decided to get into the spirit by turning a simple mop into a decorative pumpkin.

Camarthen-based Anna-Marie Sorroll – who runs @thislittle_houseofmine on Instagram – shared the craft activity last week and it’s really caught on.

Explaining her method in a short video, Anna-Marie explains how simple it is to create your own mop pumpkin.

All you’ll need is a two-pack of mop heads from Poundland, a hair tie, a twig – the shorter and thicker the better – and 10 spare minutes to hand.

“I’ve done a quick tutorial of my mop head pumpkin – it’s just a quick one for you to get a rough idea of how to make it,” Anna-Marie explained to her over 9,000 followers.

As she demonstrates in her video, begin by holding the mop head up, and tying your hair bobble around the end to ensurie any loose strands are held in.

Then you’ll need to split the middle part in half so it looks like a ring, before folding the head in on itself so the mop attachment and fly-away strands are concealed.

Finally, tidy the strands up to make it look like as much of a pumpkin as possible before adding a twig into the top for that final finishing touch.

Anna-Marie’s post on a Facebook crafting group has also amassed over 1,000 interactions too, and hundreds of comments pouring in like: “What a clever idea and so simple.”

Another wrote: “My house is going to be full of mop head pumpkins”.

Featured Image – Instagram @thislittle_houseofmine

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