Jeremy Hunt’s surname replaced with swear word live on air AGAIN

Jeremy Hunt has once again had his surname mis-pronounced, switching out ‘Hunt’ for a certain rhyming swear word.

The latest slip-up happened live on air on Sky News last night, while presenter Sophy Ridge was discussing the vote of no confidence.

A clip of the mishap shared by TV critic Scott Bryan has now been viewed by more than a quarter of a million people, The Manc reports.

Ridge said, after reading a section of a scathing letter from Jesse Norman: “Two figures who are significant, Jeremy C**t because he is a potential leadership candidate.”

Sophy Ridge mispronounced Jeremy Hunt’s name on air. Credit: Sky News / Twitter @scottygb

It’s not the first time the former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has had his surname switched for a rhyming swear.

There are entire compilations of similar slip-ups from broadcasters over the years, including Victoria Derbyshire.

Ridge continued on with her segment without acknowledging the expletive, much to the delight of viewers.

Many labelled it a ‘Freudian slip‘, while others questioned exactly how accidental the c-bomb mistake was.

One person said: “I’m sorry, but that ‘C-Bomb’ was dropped with massive amounts of intent. She’s won a bet on that.”

Someone else said it was the ‘Best bit of reporting all day’.

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BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Nick Bright tweeted: “Unbelievable scenes! She’s just said THE worst swear live on telly and didn’t even clock it.”

Another said: “A Sky News reporter just said Jeremy C**t instead of Jeremy Hunt. Would have been funnier if she’d accidentally called Boris Johnson a f***ing d*ckhead tw*t though.”

Sky News has not yet acknowledged the incident.

Featured image: Sky News

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