Lady Gaga lived in Leeds whilst crafting her Chromatica Ball world tour

“I was living in Leeds while we created that tour.”

The American pop star revealed in a recent interview that lived in Leeds for a while and has a “very deep relationship” with the UK.

We all know Chris Pine went to the University of Leeds and lived just off Hyde Park, but when we heard that the one and only Lady Gaga lived here in 2021 we almost fell off our chairs.

Lady Gaga has recently revealed that she feels a very “deep relationship” with the UK and that she had the “honour of crafting” her recent stadium tour right here in Leeds.

Speaking to Glamour Magazine ahead of her beauty brand Haus Labs launch in Sephora next month, Gaga spoke about her love for the UK and our fantastic city.

She said “I have a very deep relationship with the UK. We had the honour of crafting the Chromatica Ball, our last stadium tour, in Leeds. I was living in Leeds while we created that tour and we filmed the imagery for it in London.

“There’s something about the UK – I feel like when I’m making anything creative there, I can feel the spirit of every artist that has ever worked there and it just seeps into the work. It’s impossible for what you’re making not to feel like it’s come from there.

“But I love the whole UK. It’s meaningful to me because I’m a huge fan of the influence it has had on makeup and fashion for me and worldwide. That’s why I’m so excited to launch into Sephora UK.”

Lady Gaga
Image: Wikimedia Commons

So, it’s fair to say that Gaga felt inspired by our wonderful city and the people that inhabit it.

We’ve got to say though we’re proper gutted we didn’t spot her walking down Briggate in her meat dress, that would’ve been quite the sight.

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Featured image – Lady Gaga (via Facebook)

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