Leeds named as one of the happiest places to live in the UK

Cheer up, you’re in Leeds.

New research has revealed Leeds as one of the happiest places to live in the UK according to employee satisfaction.

Yes that’s right – the research, which was carried out by job website Glassdoor‘s economic research team, found which locations in the UK were happiest based on over 100,000 anonymous employer reviews.

The study collated the data and ranked which cities were the happiest, with Leeds coming in at 6th happiest overall.

Gosh, aren’t we lucky.

Image: Unsplash

Each city was given an overall score out of five, Cambridge came in first with a score of 3.91, Brighton came in second with a score of 3.88 and Bristol came in third with a score of 3.87.

Leeds wasn’t too far behind with a high score of 3.84.

And it’s not a huge shock really is it, we’re pretty lucky here in Leeds to live in such an amazing city so we’re bound to be happy. Although of course we’re not biased at all, promise.

But it’s not the only title that Leeds has been given recently, Adobe Express recently ran a survey to decipher which cities are the most creative, and Leeds came in at a very respectable number 4 with Manchester taking the top spot.

We were also labelled as one of the most inspiring cities in the UK by Aura Prints, so it’s safe to say we’ve got it all.

So if you’re ever feeling remotely sad or unhappy, just remember that you’re living in one of the happiest places in the UK… and that you should stop.

Full list of happiest places to live in the UK

  1. Cambridge (3.91)
  2. Brighton (3.88)
  3. Bristol (3.87)
  4. Newcastle (3.87)
  5. London (3.85)
  6. Leeds (3.84)
  7. Nottingham (3.81)
  8. Manchester (3.8)
  9. Oxford (3.8)
  10. Cardiff (3.77)

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