Naked Attraction is looking for people from Yorkshire to participate in a new series

The naked dating show is back for its 10th series.

At this point, Naked Attraction has a reputation which precedes it.

But if you’re unfamiliar with this one-of-a-kind TV dating game series that’s coming back for its 10th season, the first thing you should know is that it isn’t exactly a subtle show, reports The Manc.

Ever considered getting your kit off on national television?

If you were brave enough to answer ‘yes’ to that, then there’s a brand new series of the hit Channel 4 show Naked Attraction set to hit screens later this year and producers are looking for singles to bare all in the name of love.

“Do you fancy testing the power of Naked Attraction?” the show asks.

“In this daring dating series, potential couples are able to see each other in their naked glory from the very off, and producers Studio Lambert are looking for adventurous singletons to take part in a new series – are you up for… naked dating?”

That’s because it’s a programme where a fully-clothed person faces six naked people – who are initially hidden in booths – and watches as parts of their bodies and faces are gradually revealed through successive rounds, from the feet up.

The picker will whittle down a group of six potential suitors, based solely on the power of naked attraction, and eliminate a person in each round based on what they find least likeable.

At the end, they must pick the naked body they like best to go on a “fully-clothed” date with.

Singletons must pick the naked body they like best to go on a “fully-clothed” date with / Credit: Channel 4

Studio Lambert North and Channel 4 are currently casting for the new series, with the show’s producers adding: “We’re looking for brave singletons to bare all in a quest to find love.

“There is no limit on gender, sexuality, or body type, and we pride ourselves on being an inclusive show [so] as long as applicants are over 18 years old and are single, we’d love to hear from them.”

Fancy stripping down in the name of love, then? You can apply for the next series of Naked Attraction here.

Featured Image – Channel 4

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