A huge city-wide version of MONOPOLY is coming to Leeds this summer

The event is a world-first.

Did you know that during the twentieth century Leeds was home to Waddingtons, the leading manufacturer of board games and playing cards in Britain?

The well-known company produced the UK version of MONOPOLY from the 1930s and was responsible for the now famous London properties in the game before selling on to Hasbro in 1994.

And to pay homage to the city that first brought the game to life, Leeds will be hosting a huge city-wide MONOPOLY over the summer.

 People can roll the dice, get out of jail free and pass go, with key sections of the city colour-coded into zones, and find a series of visual, mathematical and word puzzles to solve in a bid to buy back the city – designed for the whole family to get involved in.

And the whole event is completely free.

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The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover, is brought to the city by LeedsBID and under license from Hasbro.

Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive of LeedsBID said:

“In our tenth year, we are delighted to bring a world-first to Leeds which reflects the heritage of our place. Working in association with global toy and game company Hasbro, MONOPOLY is the placemaking board game and this summer we’ll bring it to life on a city-wide scale, as a free event for all to enjoy. With its home in Leeds, Waddingtons was instrumental in bringing the London streets to many homes – we look forward to families seeing Leeds’ own Old Kent Road, Pall Mall and Mayfair.”

With only 100 days till the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover, excitement builds to the main event over summer with the opening of a special permanent Waddingtons display in Leeds City Museum this week, with a particular emphasis on MONOPOLY.

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Entitled ‘Waddingtons and the MONOPOLY Story’ display, you can find a number of special exhibits, including an original 1935 edition of MONOPOLY, a 1940s wartime set that was used to help Prisoners Of War escape; a 1960s deluxe set with silver and gold cast tokens, plus one of the 1990 MONOPOLY Leeds limited editions.

Waddingtons was also the creator of other iconic games such as Cluedo and Scoop,so you’ll find plenty of memorabilia dedicated to those games, as well as an assortment of MONOPOLY merchandise from the 1980s/90s.

Many of the items on display have been donated by the Watson family, who had a three-generation connection with the company that spanned across 80 years.

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Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s deputy leader and executive member for economy, culture and education, said:

“Being the source of some of the world’s most popular board games is a fascinating chapter in the city’s story, and one of the many things which makes Leeds such a unique and historic place.

“Our museum’s collection includes some incredible examples of games from around the world, and bringing that story to life this summer will be the perfect chance to celebrate the city’s proud place in board game history while enjoying  a programme of fantastic, fun events.”

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More details on the exact plans for the MONOPOLY events over the summer are thought to be released closer to the release date.

You can find out more on the dedicated MONOPOLY Leeds website here.

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