Leeds Bradford Airport officially has some of the lowest airport delay times in the country

Generally all flight delays have come down by an average of two and a half minutes since 2022.

With an average delay of 16 minutes and 54 seconds.

Leeds Bradford Airport has had its fair share of press over the last few years – but it’s safe to say that the new report as part of the Press Association study of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data has ranked the airport in the top half of the country.

Taking data to find out the average delay time for airports, Leeds Bradford Airport was seventh best, joint with Cardiff airport, both of which had an average delay time of 16 minutes and 54 seconds.

This is down almost four minutes from 2022 when passengers travelling from Leeds Bradford Airport faced an average delay of 20 minutes.

The full list of airport delays from best to worst are as follows:

1.Belfast City George Best – 12 minutes 30 seconds

2.Livepool John Lennon – 13 minutes 24 seconds

3.East Midlands International 15 minutes 18 seconds

4.London City 15 minutes 36 seconds

5.Exeter 15 minutes 42 seconds

6.Teeside International – 16 minutes 48 seconds

7.Leeds Bradford – 16 minutes 54 seconds

= Cardiff Wales – 16 minutes 54 seconds

8. Southhampton – 17 minutes 6 seconds

9. Aberdeen – 17 minutes 42 seconds

10. Belfast International – 19 minutes 18 seconds

11. Newcastle – 19 minutes 48 seconds

12. Heathrow – 20 minutes

13. Bristol – 20 minutes 24 seconds

= Bournemouth – 20 minutes 24 seconds

14. Birmingham – 21 minutes 30 seconds

15. Edinburgh – 21 minutes 30 seconds

16. Manchester – 21 minutes 54 seconds

17. Luton – 22 minutes 54 seconds

18. Gatwick – 26 minutes 54 seconds

Generally all flight delays have come down by an average of two and a half minutes since 2022.

Although Leeds previously held a mid-ranking position, nearby airports Manchester and Sheffield Doncaster were previously amongst the worst for airport delays in the country, coming in with an average delay of 29 minutes each.

Since this, Sheffield Doncaster has closed its doors and Manchester, although decreasing its average delay time by a significant seven minutes, six seconds, it still ranks in the top three for delays.

According to reports from Sky News, the analysis took into account ‘all scheduled and chartered departures from the 22 commercial UK airports with at least 1,000 outbound flights last year’.

Cancellations were not included in the study.

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